Life is good

I give gratitude every morning I wake up and every evening I rest my head. I started this practice so many years ago, I truly don't know how long it has been. What I do know is that it has helped me focus on the good life. Sure life has it's ups and downs, challenges and bumps; however, I do my best in each situation to remind myself my life is good. I've been to many places on this planet, where children are starving in the streets. I've seen their sad eyes through the windows at restaurants just waiting for the scraps we might leave on our plate so they have a morsel to eat. I've visited orphanages in Peru where 700 kids line up for a small bowl of food, quietly and respectfully waiting fo

Nurture Yourself

Hello Everyone! Let's talk about taking care of our selves today! The best way to stay healthy is to nurture yourself. Now, If you are like I used to be, I'd put myself last because I didn't want to be selfish. However, I learned, fortunately, that putting yourself first is the number one way to be most effective in your life, more productive, raise your oxytocin levels, stay healthy and smile more. Massage is a wonderful way to give yourself a "tune up" and fill that gas tank, similar to your car! Over 30 years ago I became a massage therapist and I was so surprised in school that the number one thing I took away was the art of "receiving". Yes that's right ! Sure I learned anatomy and phy

Do you think about life ?

The older I get the more I think about life. How about you? I wonder what life would've been like had I stayed in Italy at 17 when a young gentleman proposed to me in Italian? Well, first I would not have my 2 lovely children and beautiful grandchildren. I wonder if I had made different choices, like completing medical school, where I would be today? Then I am reminded of a conversation with a college guidance counselor in my 30's . He said, Gloria, you have accomplished so much why would you want to go back to medical school? He noted how many people I had already helped in different ways by owning my holistic center. What if my 2nd husband didn't die suddenly only 6 months after we were

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