Lost in France ~ Back to Paris

Oh the journey has been fun! If you've been following me you know about the romance in Paris on my birthday ;) You came along with me to the aromatherapy museum, enjoyed some tapenades and pain du chocolat with me, well via the imagination, right? I have so thoroughly enjoyed losing my cell phone in France and finding myself enlightened and enlivened in Provence. But alas, it's time to leave this beautiful place for a while and go forward with my journey. Next stop, another evening in Paris. You are probably thinking, will she go and meet him again? One last time? I took the fast train back to Paris first class and enjoyed my journey once again through the countryside. I was looking forward

Lost in France ~ Awakened my senses

You know that saying, stop and smell the roses.... what if you STOPPED and became the rose. I got stopped by a rose! Isn't she gorgeous? Every petal, the reflection of light, every detail spoke to me. I can tell you, you will awaken to a new dimension when you get lost. You will see with more depth, envision more magnificence, learn more about creation and oh yes you will smell the fragrance of life so delightfully. Losing my phone was a gift to be fully immersed in the present moment. To embrace the feelings, the senses the true gifts waiting for me and now I can share with you. You probably already know Provence is known for it's lavender but until you get a whiff of that first scent, the

Lost in France ~ Found myself in Provence

Bienvenue to a small french provencale village, my home for 6 days. This 400 year old hamlet holds memories, history and stories, just like the cells of our soul. I would take a step back, a big one and "lost "would take on a grander meaning. Had I forgotten what it was really like to live in the moment? Was I going around in circles more than I thought? Perhaps ? I was about to realize just how much since I lost my cell phone. I showed up for life in the perfect serenity gardens of Jardin de vies! Wow ! Prior to arriving, the train ride took me across miles and miles for 5 hours of travel to Les Arcs draguignan. My eyes were graced with rolling green valleys at the foot hills of the Frenc

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