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Do you think about life ?

I've been reminescing do you do that?

The older I get the more I think about life. How about you? I wonder what life would've been like had I stayed in Italy at 17 when a young gentleman proposed to me in Italian? Well, first I would not have my 2 lovely children and beautiful grandchildren.

I wonder if I had made different choices, like completing medical school, where I would be today? Then I am reminded of a conversation with a college guidance counselor in my 30's . He said, Gloria, you have accomplished so much why would you want to go back to medical school? He noted how many people I had already helped in different ways by owning my holistic center.

What if my 2nd husband didn't die suddenly only 6 months after we were married? Would I have given all my possessions away to take the chance to venture to live on the Hawaiian islands for 7 years! I explored living not just life, I learned more about myself and shifted my perception? Probably not. I would guess I'd still be stressing running 2 businesses, trying to find time for relationships and working hard each month for huge overhead I had to cover!

Would I have met people that eventually will have me journey to Egypt and Peru? Would I have met my Egyptian friend who suggested I visit Old Crete, Greece where I would role play Katherine Hepburn on my last day as I bid farewell to an admirer? Can't you just see me doing that?

Oh the people we meet on our journey.

So we never know how our path, our challenges and our adventures will mold us and provide wisdom with our ages. I appreciate every lesson and now I choose to live in grace and ease, loving the moment and making the best of it. It is my affirmation to be an irresistible magnetic current attracting more love in my life each day!

I do know this, loving yourself is important. Loving others is equally as important. Loving what you do is necessary. Loving God is essential.

Now in my 60's, I can't even believe I can say that! I am redesigning my life or should I say staying more focused on my path. I'm trusting my intuition more and learning everything has purpose each day. Perception is what you make of it; so if I move 24 inches to the right or left, I get a totally different view. While I may give up on some things, I never give up on myself. I also realize my mother was so wise and everything she taught me has helped me through everything in my life.

Now, I wish that my children and grandchildren one day will reflect on the things I have shared and hope that my wisdom makes an impact on their life.

Life is amazing .... allow it to flow! Do your best! Laugh more! Love each day! Appreciate the small things. Take opportunities. Be humble. It's really simple.

It is now my desire to help others Live by Design. To assist them in finding the simpler ways of having faith, trusting the process and learning how to astutely listen more clearly to follow their path. It is my purpose to help individuals find their purpose, to learn about their blueprint and how it will serve them best. I am listening to my guidance that has shown me the way and so it is.

So I said YES! Yes I will offer a program that guides others. I will encourage and inspire! I can teach and provide clarity to receive the abundant blessings awaiting you on this journey.

I said YES I will create a workbook to support you, to journal your progress, to ask yourself questions I have asked myself that will enlighten you on your road to success.

Say YES too! This spring "Live by Design" launches a purposeful coaching program. You won't just set goals you can't reach. You will reach goals you set! You will know your purpose and live it more fully. You will have the freedom to be you in all you do!

~Humbly, I guide you, Gloria

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