When God Speaks...do you listen

You know how it goes right... You wish for something, you pray for it, you practice the universal laws of manifestation and you still wonder why you are stuck? Why things don't go right! Why you keep repeating patterns. It's taken me a lifetime to truly understand the importance of listening to God. When I was a child I 'felt' in my heart I had to serve God. I spent countless hours serving in the convent as a child. I thought I was supposed to be a nun. I had a sense of knowing things that sometimes would frighten me or even the people in my life. Has that happened to you? I would have vivid dreams showing me situations and things that would happen and I often wondered what am I supposed to


You're thinking... day in and day out What if? What if I took a chance to do something different? To make a change in the way I act, dress, think? What if I tried something totally new for me without any fear and just decided to go for it? NAH, I'm good here, hiding behind these sunglasses. I can peek out and watch the world and be an observer. I'm doing ok so why do I need to change anything? I dream though. I dream of a different life and sometimes I feel guilty about it. I think, it's not so bad. I have a nice place to live and a good job. Am I just bored? Am I being selfish desiring something more for myself? Yet, there is this yearning and calling inside to explore, to have adventure,

Dance under the stars

"I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body" ~ Dele Olanubi Have you ever felt this way? Do you desire to live more fully? Are you tired of being quiet and now speaking your truth more frequently? Are you understanding the value of your voice? You are receiving messages and then, when you least expect it, the answers are showing up! We were each born with a purpose! A purpose that will show up in everything you do! Did you know it's so distracting in these modern days to listen with clarity? Nature has always been the source of connection and tapping into your wisdom? It's the ultimate healer. If you took at least 10 minutes each day, quietly, in nature you would dimin

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