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Lost in France ~ Goodbye Paris

Please don't go! He looked into my eyes, gently grasped my hand and walked me into the hotel where we would sit for a few more moments.

Imagine sitting on the sofa, still wondering if this was all a dream, feeling his hand over yours and thinking.... what if. What if this is wrong. What if this is right? Then I remembered, be in this precious moment of time and stop the circling in your mind, Gloria.

It was time to pack and getting late. I had an early morning train to Provence, yet in this moment, I wanted to savor his words, his touch, the look in his eyes.

"Where your treasure is, there will also be your heart" ~ Paulo Coelho


Slowly we walked down the steps to the front door. One last glance, one more moment in time, one final kiss.

Would we stay connected? Would we meet again? I was reminded of the quote "it's the possibility of having a dream come true, that makes life interesting" (The Alchemist) and yes my wish, my dream did come true and I am blessed

Hotel Therese will be in my heart forever, the sweet memories of a magical evening, the kindness of the staff that made my visit comfortable. The last kiss through this door, forever embedded on my lips.

The last look, as he walked away........

You got to love how the universe conspires. I always say be careful what you ask for and this was proof in the pudding how quickly all divinely ordained moments can happen when your heart feels so deeply and then the magic happens. We must remember that our moments are precious and non attachment to any outcome helps us to savor every delightful gift from the universe. I am grateful my birthday had 3 final hours of magic and romance.

My head was soon in the clouds on the fast train to Les arcs draguinan, where my feet could relax, my mind would wander and my heart was still feeling blessed.

I love to watch clouds, do you? I look for symbols, hearts and animals. It amuses me but it also tells me a story, one from the heavens. It's fun to do!


Good bye Paris. Merci beaucoup for the adventure, for now.

Birthday wish, thank you. It was magical. It's still a dream.

Beautiful buildings, fragrant flowers, savory foods and desserts I am still with you, yes even now.

Good bye Paris ~ until I see you again. The city of love opened my heart to possibilities and that is a precious gift.

A bientot for I will see you in a week for half a day and who knows what will unfold during this time.

For now, I watch the clouds and wonder ~ what will Provence bring to me now.


Stay tuned for Part 3 as I continue to enjoy pain du chocolat and learn more about precious moments.

~ Gloria

Interested in exploring Provence with me in June 2019?

Here are the details:

I have an adventure that will be SCENTsational planned for you.

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