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You're thinking... day in and day out

What if?

What if I took a chance to do something different? To make a change in the way I act, dress, think?

What if I tried something totally new for me without any fear and just decided to go for it?

NAH, I'm good here, hiding behind these sunglasses. I can peek out and watch the world and be an observer. I'm doing ok so why do I need to change anything?

I dream though. I dream of a different life and sometimes I feel guilty about it. I think, it's not so bad. I have a nice place to live and a good job.

Am I just bored? Am I being selfish desiring something more for myself?

Yet, there is this yearning and calling inside to explore, to have adventure, to see the world, to learn about other cultures. I feel something inside pushing me.

Nah, it's crazy, right? How could I possibly do that? I have no time? I don't have enough money and it just doesn't make sense. Did I just make a bunch of excuses?

I know life is short! Take opportunities. That's easier said than done tho , right? What if something went wrong? What if I came home and I had no job? What if I decided to stay in this new place? What if ... what if?

What if I woke up feeling ALIVE!? What if I met people that saw me for who I really am without any judgements? What if I got to experience things that were once only a dream and it shifted my perception on living? What if I met like minded people who understood me? What if a whole new world opened to me that brought me so much joy and opportunity?

What would I do?

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