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Nurture Yourself

Massage nurtures the body, mind and soul

Hello Everyone!

Let's talk about taking care of our selves today! The best way to stay healthy is to nurture yourself.

Now, If you are like I used to be, I'd put myself last because I didn't want to be selfish. However, I learned, fortunately, that putting yourself first is the number one way to be most effective in your life, more productive, raise your oxytocin levels, stay healthy and smile more.

Massage is a wonderful way to give yourself a "tune up" and fill that gas tank, similar to your car!

Over 30 years ago I became a massage therapist and I was so surprised in school that the number one thing I took away was the art of "receiving". Yes that's right ! Sure I learned anatomy and physiology and lots of techniques, however, receiving the loving, compassionate touch truly touched me deeply in my soul. Sure it felt amazing but something else was happening on a cellular level.

Massage is a great way to nurture yourself but it's also fabulous to improve circulation, relax your muscles, ease your mental stress and did you know it's a passive form of exercise that keeps your muscles toned too?

I often recommend getting a massage minimally once a month and preferably once a week. You wouldn't run your car without gas so why run your body without the fuel it needs and receives when being nurtured.

Your massage therapists may have studied a variety of techniques, so be sure to interview them, find out what you prefer and always tell them if something isn't comfortable because your experience should be blissful.....

I've taught massage for years too and now when I host retreats I'm always sure participants receive at least one massage! If you are a massage therapist, be sure to check out my trainings and if you are not, guess what? You can come too because you may want to nurture someone in your family.

Never had a massage you say? I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Today, do something to nurture yourself. Eat healthier, take a walk in nature, ask for a hug and book that massage ~

Til the next time,


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