Receiving the gift

Have you ever had a calling to someplace, somewhere and really didn't understand it at all? Did you listen? Many years ago , while I was in Egypt I had a dream that I was to go to Peru. My initial response was "Oh really, I finally make it to Egypt and you send me to Peru. Good Night" Well, you can laugh, as I did, but the truth is that message would follow me for 3 more years. Do you believe in Synchronicity? I could no longer avoid the messages. One day I received an email and to this day, neither one of us know how I got on the email list. A woman, Mama Sharon, was promoting a retreat in Peru. I asked her to send me information and in a few days I received a manila packet in the mail. My

Everywhere you go, there you are

How many times have you heard that saying? However, Everywhere I go, you, are not, is my response. Not in a sarcastic way, just an gentle enlightening way that I may say I need space, new perspective and time away from others opinions. Maybe today is the day! The day you just want to stay under the covers and not talk to anyone ! Maybe it's the day you make a big decision because you need to take a leap! Which day is it for you? When the pieces of life are shattered and we don't understand what is happening, we can hibernate or we can Escape ~ Escape from the mundane or the old paradigms and beliefs. We can release the past, open a new doorway and give it all up to start something New! Is it

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