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Everywhere you go, there you are

How many times have you heard that saying?

However, Everywhere I go, you, are not, is my response. Not in a sarcastic way, just an gentle enlightening way that I may say I need space, new perspective and time away from others opinions.


Maybe today is the day! The day you just want to stay under the covers and not talk to anyone !

Maybe it's the day you make a big decision because you need to take a leap!

Which day is it for you?

When the pieces of life are shattered and we don't understand what is happening, we can hibernate or we can Escape ~

Escape from the mundane or the old paradigms and beliefs. We can release the past, open a new doorway and give it all up to start something New!

Is it that time for you?

Disgusted? Frustrated? Exhausted?

Feeling run over by a truck?

Broken relationship or something that pulled the rug out from you without a moments notice?

At some point in life, most of us feel shattered! I've come to learn it's a "Break" for a new opportunity!

Wednesday, June 20th at 6 pm Eastern

I have a special guest, Marie Hernandez joining me for a BE Live Tv special on Facebook. (Link Below)

Marie was devastated just 5 years ago and fed up in her 50's! A mother and grandmother when her life came to a hault!

She blindly quit her job and found a way to heal.

Depressed and confused this beautiful women picked up the pieces and changed everything about her life as she once knew it. Learn how she is helping others achieve their passion and happily creating a life she loves!

Is it perfect? It's perfect as she continues to grow, heal, learn and do life her way


Here's the link!

Stop by for inspiration!

Ask questions!

We both have lots to share with you to get you creating a beautiful mosaic in your life with your shattered pieces.

My never give up attitude has taken me through quite the journey in life. A Healing Journey!

Come on this journey with us to learn how we pick up the pieces, we take risks, we dance through life and we do our best to help others see the light when it's dark.

~ Gloria Coppola, inspirational and motivational coach, author, intuitive and grandmother loves guiding the path of light for you to shine brightly,

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