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If you love all things Christmas and France, this wonderful holiday tour is definitely for you. 

If Paris is a dream, imagine the magic of the holidays with gorgeous displays, markets inside and outside and even a photo shoot just for you.

Enjoy the best croissants, macarons and hot cocoa along with luxury hotel lodging and single occupancy available for your comfort on this small group holiday excursion.

Next ~ First class train tickets are waiting for you to the charming villages of Strasbourg and Colmar along the German border of France on the Rhine River.

Fairy tale villages and magical Christmas displays light up the cities and you can shop to your delight.

But wait... this trip is more than shopping. You will enjoy many of the famous sites, visit gorgeous cathedrals, listen to choirs sing and take a pastry classfind collectables to treasure too.

Get in the holiday spirit and learn about some of the traditions below, many of which originated in Germany.

Create lasting memories and lifetime experiences while making new travel friends.



France Colmar ornament.jpeg

Nestled on the Rhine across the border from Germany, Strasbourg and Colmar offers your best chance to experience the urban side of France's Alsace region


Storybook villages & Twinkling lights

France Holiday ornaments.jpeg

The tradition, first recorded creating ornaments was in the 1600's, but likely goes back much earlier. Hand blown glass ornaments, initially called baubles, were designed and crafted by Hans Greiner in Lauscha, Germany in 1847.

Indulge in the sweet treats

France Holiday Market candies.jpeg

History of macarons

Today’s macarons are the result of a long evolution of the macarons of the past. According to popular beliefs, macarons are considered to be of Italian origin, dating back to the 8th Century. According to legends, the delicacy was introduced to France in 1533 when Queen Catherine de’ Medici of Italy married King Henry II of France, and her pastry chefs brought the macaron recipe with them. Back then, these cookies were made from almonds, egg white, and sugar, and called “priest’s bellybuttons.”


Enjoy a warm drink with friends


Are pretzels originally from Germany?

In any case, the pretzel has very early roots in Southern Germany, as well, where it is typically credited as the birthplace of soft pretzels. As early as the 12th century, German pretzel bakers used the pretzel shape in the emblem for their guild (kind of like a union), and also for their own coat of arms.

Is mulled wine a German tradition?

Mulled wine is a traditional English drink made with red wine, spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, and sweetened with sugar. Gluhwein, on the other hand, is a German and Austrian drink made with similar ingredients, but often includes citrus fruits and sometimes a higher alcohol content.


More Details coming soon!

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