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Lost in France - one moment in time

Precious moments exist when we take the time to value life, to notice, to tap into our dreams and wishes and to realize that we can only experience what is real if we pay attention to the precious experiences right before us. I had no idea a wish was about to come true on the day of my birthday.

Before you open your eyes each day, give thanks. Take a few moments to just notice how you feel and what you are aware of in your space. Do you hear the sweet sounds of birds singing outside your window? Do you notice gentle breezes, soft winds or the warmth of the sun on your body? When was the last time you noticed your heart beating? I was entering a world of heightened senses and over the next 9 days I would more fully experience the creative life forces within and around me.

Getting lost in France or anywhere can slow you down or you can get panicked. Which do you choose? We've placed such significance and trust in the world of technology, the internet and cell phones do we even know how to navigate our own lives without these things?

It's quite comical, isn't it, the control we've allowed devices to have over our lives...and then one day.... it's gone!

A young woman looked at me perplexed when I told her I lost my cell phone and she could not understand how I was able to do anything. It's easy, just like I did when I was your age. Show up and pay attention to life and you will see so much more, you experience life more fully and you feel more deeply. By the look in her eyes, I think that scared her.

After all, what is one to do, give up and make life sad and miserable? Nope, not me. I've come to be the unstoppable navigator of my soul purpose.

I chose to see the best, experience the most and notice the precious moments! I wasn't lost in France, I was found.

Would I have seen this graffiti if my head was in a cell phone? Would I have noticed many more along the streets had I been concerned about reporting on Facebook?

I was cruising down the Seine river on my birthday, celebrating my 63rd year of living.

Each buildings architecture was grand, the foods were delightful to my palette and the boats along the docksides were an interesting array of styles and designs. I was able to embody it all in the moment of this time as I savored everything that my eyes could see and my palette would taste.

I was filling up only to realize now in this moment there was so much to encapsulate that It would take me hours of writing to share pieces of this gift.

As the crew sang happy birthday, I blew out the candle, made a wish and Voila.

I would decide to take a stroll along the streets of Paris back to my hotel room only to realize I would get lost a little and my feet would blister as it was longer than I had anticipated. I decided to enjoy the golden archways, the grandiose statues, the flowers in bloom and the people walking with their heads in their phones. Oh to fly higher, to see clearer to ponder and embrace the fullest of life in the moment, to know that wishes are coming true.

A broken man, intrigued with this display I spent a few moments to rest my weary tired and blistered feet, to observe.

What was the artist thinking when this was in the creative process? To remove the core of one's being and find a way for it to still stand on it's own. Is this what we have become walking through life without connection, without fullness in the belly of our souls? Are we able to hold it together, carry our baggage and still take a step forward? Where does it lead us? How full will we live? Ahh to ponder yet another enigma as I looked for direction to find my hotel.

The sun was setting, the lights were twinkling above the marquee of restaurants and a chance encounter was about to happen.... a synchronicity only God would navigate.

Massive glorious doorways were everywhere, symbolic of the choices we make when we want to walk through to a new path. Golden ones, wooden ones, arched ones all along the streets.

Then I stopped. Where was I? No google maps, speaking very little French and many people not engaging in eye contact for me to ask for directions.

I stood still. I looked around and I knew I was close, but was I lost? I checked into my own feelings and there was no fear, no sense of urgency only my feet screaming to rest.

Tomorrow I would be on a train to Provence and I had much more to enjoy, so I will take another step to cross the road.

I will remember the moments in Paris, the beautiful bridges, lanterns and the moment he stopped and spoke to me in French.

A dashing man, dressed in a suit, rapidly speaking French which I could not understand, gazing into my eyes. Was I tired? Was I dreaming? Was I dazed at this sudden engagement? I then remembered how to say, I do not comprehend or speak much French.

As quickly as he came into my life, we chatted as if there was no time in existence, in this moment and all I could feel was an immense energy swirling, when he said "I want to show you a beautiful garden".

Looking back I wondered did it really happen? The walk, the chat, the moment he held my hand. My intuition said all was good and just enjoy this moment. My mind was fighting it and then he said "Close your eyes and be in the moment. Notice what you feel and let it be precious, it's all we have".

As I closed my eyes I remembered my wish blowing at the single candle on my chocolate raspberry torte on the dinner cruise. Talk about instant manifestation and knowing God was listening.

The next 3 hours were going to be filled with the magic in the moment, that which grounded me right here now and would show me a wish does happen quickly when you believe and nothing lasts forever.

He would sing Happy Birthday to me in French as we shared another dessert. We would laugh together, dance in the garden, sit by the fountain as his words would make me feel beautiful again and desirable.

Yes, we would say goodbye as he gently caressed my cheeks, a remembrance of how my husband who passed used to hold my face and he would whisper "You are so beautiful, I do not want tonight to end".

Au revoir I said, for he knew as well, he was my wish. We both knew this chance encounter was divinely ordained in that second of life, That is what we would embrace. Nothing more, just this experience and a smile in my heart.

Alas, I would sleep that night in peace celebrating the moments to come embracing what I have, the present moment.

All that would exist thereafter, would be a photo to know I was there in this beautiful garden with a dashing French man. I did not spend my birthday alone, again. Yes that was my wish, for I did not want to be alone. He 'knew' so much ...could it be?? Could it be the soul of my soul mate who found his way into my life, once again to wish me happy birthday.

No I was not lost in France, I was found. I am never alone. I walk in the direction of my purpose.

Antoine de Saint Exupery, “Love does not consist in looking at each other, but rather in, together, looking in the same direction.

Part 1 of Lost in France, found again.

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