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What called me back to Peru

16 years ago I was guided to visit Peru! Guided? Yes, in a dream. I was in Egypt and one night I received a message to go to Peru for a missionary trip. It took me 3 years to finally listen. It changed my life on levels that I could write an entire book about and still not tell it all.

1 year ago my Peruvian friend said to me "it's time to come back Gloria" Yes, it was.

As soon as I said YES I felt a sense of awe overcome me. I did not wait 3 years this time!

I knew something special was in store for me and the group I was going to invite. They would know who they were because they too, would feel a calling. That's how it happens.

Most people think of Machu Picchu when they think of Peru. However, something else was calling me this time. In the meantime, as I listened in my meditation and dreams to be guided once again I began the plans to host a retreat.

I wanted the group to have special cultural experiences! I began to remember how the children touched me so deeply and opened my heart. So my guide, Washi and I began to plan some places to visit and bring the children school supplies, hot cocoa and chickens for the communities.

The preparations were exciting and before I knew it 9 of us embarked upon an adventure we could not have predicted.

The indigenous people welcomed us warmly, dressing us in their traditional garments, laughing, smiling and gathering around us. Truthfully, we were so overwhelmed with their welcoming committee and flower blessings all we could do was smile.

The ladies of the village were gifted chickens, the children received school supplies and toys and hot cocoa. Everyone was happy. But there was something special that we all brought to the community! The children's eyes were about to sparkle and all our hearts would open more. We raised donations before the trip, hoping it would be used for something useful and special! Then Washi, told us how we would contribute even more.

Education he said! It is important to teach the children how to read. As a teacher, that warmed my heart. The men were hired to build a small library cabinet and books were purchased to place in the cabinet. Now the children could learn how to read, use their imagination and gain knowledge.

Perhaps we take these things for granted in our daily lives. We don't realize many places in our world lack lights, books and yes, even hot cocoa.

Washi read the children the first book on the town Ollantaytambo, his birth place. They listened with eyes open and smiles on their face, anxious to be able to read one of the books soon with their parents.

This will be a memory held in our hearts for many years! Serving and contributing to others is such a joyful opportunity. I encourage everyone to take this opportunity in life somewhere in the world.


There was so much more about to bless our lives!

The dreams I had and information in the meditations prior to our arrival would guide us to places that would heighten our wisdom, open our gifts, challenge us to grow and enhance the spiritual journey we had yet to realize we embarked upon.

The magical places that brought us comfort in the evening embraced us to sleep well and prepare us for a vision quest that would change our lives forever.

The comforts of home will no longer be taken for granted after an evening under the southern milky way far away in the Andes with nothing convenient available.

Yes, I was called back to Peru for something beyond my imagination!

An experience I never had before and a reason I had no way of comprehending and quite frankly still processing since November was about to rock our world.

We would travel through the sacred valley, walk the Incan Trail, experience ceremonies, blessings, visit lands, feed alpaca and llama and participate in healings. Our theme word was AHHMAZZING!

We would laugh from Lima, enjoy getting to know our souljourners through Moray and Ollantaytambo, receive soul wisdom readings in Cusco, shop until we drop and enjoy wonderful food and let's not forget Peruvian coffee in the Andes Mountains.

We felt full! Blessed!

Yet, there was more to come.

Stay tuned for the journey that changed our perception in life!

I would dream of an ancient portal that would provide us messages and

question parallel universes! Yes we found it!

I saw a rainbow, not just any rainbow in a meditation. We would Climb to 17,000 feet with 50% of oxygen, freezing cold and learning we can overcome any challenge in order to survive!

Gloria Coppola, spiritual minister, author, educator, intuitive soul wisdom life coach and retreat leader has been assisting thousands of people to reach their dreams since 1992.

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