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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives.

Changing lives every day! Here are just a few of the heartfelt testimonials that have impacted these women on many levels- Fit, Fabulous and Fun!

My entire life has changed since Gloria introduced me to Purium Health Products! Not only did I lose 25 lbs. but she held my hand every step of the way. Gloria's food prep videos and recipes helped me explore new foods and make better choices. Even though I'm a vegetarian I had never tried kale until I watched Gloria "massage" kale for a salad. Who knew?  As a massage therapist and health coach for many decades, Gloria has a great understanding of the human body and will work with you to help you achieve optimal health!

Linda Beach- coach, author, speaker, life reinvention strategist

Gloria was and has been instrumental in helping me achieve my lifestyle changes! She shared her knowledge, foods and recipes which enabled me to lose 29 pounds, two dress sizes and keep off the weight.  She is always there to assist, guide and answer questions. Looking for a knowledgable and reliable heal coach? Look no further.

Patty Pascua- massage therapist, mom and grandmother

In 45 days I lost 25 pounds, got rid of 1 RA med (Humira) and got rid of my daily maintenance inhaler (Pulmicort). I used to come home from 12 hours of work and hardly have the energy to eat dinner but not any more. I feel great! It's been a wonderful experience working along with Gloria. I have had so much great support from her. I feel so blessed! Every time I've had questions she responded quickly and encouraged me. She also has a Facebook support page that is a great community for those choosing the transformation program. I love the great recipes and tips. My husband has joined me and he is also having great health benefits!

Linda Krider- MSN, RN, ONC

So appreciate all Gloria's help in coaching towards better health. Wonderful advise, recipes and all the encouragement.

Trisha Baldwin


Gloria is such an amazing health coach and an even more amazing woman.

Abbi Betts


Gloria is an amazing Health Coach. She is dedicated to helping Others to become the best they can be. She genuinely cares about her clients and their health. I highly recommend her!

Robin Shope


Gloria is an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable health coach. She is dedicated and committed and passionate about educating and supporting clients in their journey to good health. Her nurturing and caring spirit is genuine and you will always take away pearls of wisdom when you spend time with her.

Debi Choi


I absolutely L.O.V.E. Health Coaching with Gloria!!! Gloria is a wealth of knowledgeable and an amazing asset to the Natural Healing Community! Gloria understands the human body and has been in this business for almost 30 years. Gloria has helped hundreds of people Transform their lives! She is a true inspiration to everyone that reaches out to her. Gloria is an amazing chef and very creative, especially when it comes to healthy foods. Best decision I have ever made for myself is to meet up with Gloria and join her in the Transformation across the Nation!!!

Laura Miller


I am so grateful for Gloria and the changes in my life with her help!

She has amazing knowledge and a heart to share and help others.

She truly is a Coach and helping change many people's lives.

Heather Spears
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