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Are you listening to the voice of wisdom

What if you followed a hunch, a dream, a feeling and it changed the direction of your life? How often have you ignored the voices of intuition, yet listened to the voice of doubt or fear?

Let's get real and honest! I've had voices in my head. Haven't you?

How about that one that tells you that you are crazy because you hear voices? Oh don't tell anyone because they might put you away, eh?

Perhaps you feel you have two sides of yourself?


Let's go back to childhood! How many of you had a 'secret' friend. You know that little person you'd play with when no one was watching! How big were your dreams when you used your imagination? Do you remember? I bet you wanted to be several things right?

What did your voice say?

Then one day a sibling or parent or friend tells you that it's NOT REAL! What? Are you crazy? Of course this is real! Then you hear it multiple times and begin to doubt yourself and eventually that imaginary (or not so imaginary) friend disappears and new voices show up, right?

Oh those voices in our head! The fear, the doubt, the self sabotaging one, the inner critic! This is not the voice of reason, this is the voice that was someone else's belief system and we trusted it, we took it into our subconscious and perhaps now it's talking you out of things, maybe even continuing to read this article.


I remember holding back on my gifts, my insights and dreams because of people laughing at me, putting me down and telling me it's stupid and unattainable. Have you ever experienced that?

I wanted to be a teacher, an actress, a dancer, a singer and a person who would help those with handicaps. I wanted to travel and inspire others. Seriously at 5 those were my dreams! I kept dreaming of Hawaii and Egypt and never knew why I had such a pull to these 2 places until I was in my 40's!


Then 1 day, I made a decision! To Listen and discern. To trust my gifts!

I woke up and said YES!

Are you ready to do the same because I desire to inspire any and all of you that are ready to shift your perception and gain new direction.

Say yes today to something you've always wanted to do! Go ahead, just do it.

Say yes to the voice that tells you how beautiful you are! Write yourself a beautiful love letter! Go do it today and then mail it to yourself!

Say yes to a trip you have always wanted to take because the joy is truly in the journey and you never know what doorway may open for you.

Walk down a new street. Say hello to a new person. Smile more!


When I was denying my gifts, I began to feel depression. I would pretend I was happy but my soul was crying. I found myself becoming a workaholic and over compensating helping others. I was the perfect co-dependent healing arts practitioner!

I could do it no longer! I had to honor what was waiting for me for years!

Say yes to YOUR life!

What is it you desire to do in life and maybe you've waited for someone else to do it with or just didn't think you had it in you?

I waited ~~ for a very long time. Too long actually!

You know that saying life is a journey? Well, I had quite the journey and I used every excuse to continue to limit my decision to dance. I once thought I needed a partner. Then my second husband was excited to gift me dance lessons one year. I was so happy, until he died and it didn't happen. Then depression kicked in. I stayed in bed for almost a year. No dance. No husband. No life.

Then I ran away from everything - because that's what one might do when they experience a nervous breakdown. They hide. They panic. They cry and they are unable to contribute the way they knew.

I learned ~ I grew ~ I healed!

I am grateful I listened to the voice that told me to go find myself. I am grateful for the messages since early childhood that said to go to Hawaii.

I listened in my 40's and went with 2 suitcases and stayed for 7 years. I chose to be silent 90% of my time. I chose to eliminate stress and try to find some normalcy in my chaotic mind. I was in pain on many levels. I cried every single day for years.

Several years later, just when I thought I was getting my life back, my body would be injured. My back was hurt severely! Maybe it was a sign. Maybe it was waiting to teach me something else. Maybe, maybe it was all a plan! All I knew was I was pissed off and wondered what the heck is happening now? I was angry. I had been so fit, so active and feeling better finally. I loved to hike, travel, dance hula and just plain move without pain.

Now, I needed help for everything. I didn't want to ask. I was falling a part again. Anxiety and panic attacks came back. I was limited in so many capacities. Depression set in again.

Then the voice ~ the one that tells me to keep going showed up. The one that believes in me and the power of the mind. The one that said "You can heal this too"

Gosh, it took so long. I was impatient. I defied listening to traditional medical experts when they said I needed pain pills and surgery. My inner voice said "NO".

I cried many more days and nights and I was overwhelmed. Then that voice again "do not give up on yourself".

I trusted my inner voices.

I trusted the voice of God.

I trusted myself to accomplish a goal at 62 years old, something I had always desired to achieve. DANCE!! Dance with a partner. Dance Latin dance. Dance beautifully!


I desire to inspire all of you!

To keep your dreams alive! To believe deeply and to trust your inner voice. I desire to help others find the way to assure those voices and use the strength in them that has helped you survive!

I said YES! I took dance lessons and for 6 weeks I found the place inside of me that was joyful. My little girl got excited she would play dress up. Sure, there were moment those voices tried to stop me. I would merely assure them we are working together as partners and we can do anything!

This is my instructor Enrique, who I am eternally grateful for in my life. His patience, inspiration and belief in me go beyond what he will ever understand, I am sure. For not only did I have to learn steps, I had to recondition my mind, I had to open to new possibilities, I had to believe in myself and regain my core strength and I had to wear high heels!

I said yes to a dream and I hope you

do today too!

May you be inspired to listen to the voice of wisdom!

May your tears be tears of joy.

If you desire support along the way, then join one of my coaching programs because I assure you I will be there for you.

May you make a decision for your life today, Gloria

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