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Lost in France ~ Awakened my senses

You know that saying, stop and smell the roses.... what if you STOPPED and became the rose.

I got stopped by a rose! Isn't she gorgeous?

Every petal, the reflection of light, every detail spoke to me.

I can tell you, you will awaken to a new dimension when you get lost. You will see with more depth, envision more magnificence, learn more about creation and oh yes you will smell the fragrance of life so delightfully.

Losing my phone was a gift to be fully immersed in the present moment. To embrace the feelings, the senses the true gifts waiting for me and now I can share with you.


You probably already know Provence is known for it's lavender but until you get a whiff of that first scent, the magical moment of essential life force that was distilled for your luxury, you only know a piece of the capacity of this blossom.

Aromatherapists, you will fall in LOVE here! I will introduce you to a most amazing woman, who lives her life to bring the fruits of the earth to us to create an abundance of health.

Meet Nelly Grosjean, a medical aromatherapist, naturopathic doctor, author of over 40 books and a raw food chef.

Nelly is an amazing woman that embraces life.

She is passionate!

Her life force energy flows into everything she does. Her brilliance is the bright star in the sky you notice on a clear night.

Nelly was my guide at her museum, the oldest one in France. I can still recall the first smell of lavender freshly distilled by her. I was awed through my olfactory sense with the burst of intense fragrance. Yes, I did bring some home and I plan on purchasing more next year when we get to see the fields in bloom.

Happiness is a perfume that you cannot spread on others without making a few drops on yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nelly loves to teach about the medicinal qualities, how to detox and cleanse your body and creates quintessential blends.

She is waiting for a group of us to come so she can teach us so much about creating a life of health and abundance.


Next stop, music!

Summertime in France is all about musical festivities.

Everywhere one strolls, you can hear a variety of genre. Each night different bands show up at local cafe to entertain you.

Here in Moustiers, a commune in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, considered one of the most beautiful villages, I was blessed with this magical orchestration and array of sounds to soothe my body, mind and spirit. Do you take a moment to stop and dance in random places? I do!


Let's not forget those vibrant taste buds just waiting patiently to wake up those receptors and enjoy the sweetness, the spicy foods and the glorious cuisine.

This amazing raw fig pudding with hints of fresh honey also provides a good source of potassium, a mineral that helps to control blood pressure. Isn't life grand?


Can you say I was electrified and alive? Exploring the wonder of our senses , not only wakes up your brain, it's like a quest to know yourself better in a

world full of abundance.

Merci beaucoup for taking this journey with me. There will be one more segment of this journey, but it doesn't end.

You are invited to join me for this and so much more in June 2019!

Enjoying the spices of life!

The markets will wake up your taste buds ~

See you soon, Gloria

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