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April 28th - May 8th, 2025

Myths, Legends & Faeries

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Image by Gary Ellis

Are the faeries whispering to you?

Sneak Preview


Scotland Rhirlestane castle drone view.jpg

A journey through history


Scotland bag piper.jpg
scotland Melville Castle.jpg

My royal subjects I have an announcement!


I am delighted to extend a personal invitation to an extraordinary event that promises enchantment, grand feasts, and unforgettable experiences.

Arrive in Edinburgh on April 28th, 2025

 An exclusive gathering of Countesses and Earls from around the world. (that's you).

A special delight for you steeped in history and adorned with magnificent ceilings, architecture, paintings, furniture and is the perfect setting for an exquisite dining experience that will indulge your senses upon your Grande Arrival in Scotland.


I do enjoy grande entrances!

More information coming

Your Royale Suite Awaits

Castle to be determined

1-2 nights near Edinburgh


Ceud Mile FailteA hundred thousand welcomes

Hello Cutie!

I am a Scottish Highland coo.

Highland Coos are one of the friendliest cattle breeds, they’re hardly ever mooooo-dy. Although friendly, they still have massive horns on their heads, so even if you really want a coo-ddle, we wouldn’t recommend it.


Highland Cows show affection to each other by mounting, play fighting and licking each other.

True escapism in a beautiful woodland setting3 nights lodging

Scotland Lanrick Treehouse.jpg

Private driver and story telling guide

Learn of the Myths & Legends with the owner, Simon on a private tour.

Sleep in comfort at this luxurious

Tree House Estate

Enjoy a picnic lunch, toast marshmallows around a campfire while sharing your insights and stories from the day.

 Enjoy the sauna 'house' or schedule an 'optional' massage.

Relax and rejuvenate in nature

Story telling around the campfire with your new friends

Full day tour of the Lanrick Region

To include a distillary & whisky tasting

Stroll by Stirling & Callendra

Waterfront cafe to enjoy a lunch


Why I adore my home city of Edinburgh, well Scotland at large.

Head out for a drive. Take a wrong turn. And end up at a Treehouse.

And all done so - either through happy coincidence or, as is required in the Summer months, meticulous forward planning - in just under one hour from Edinburgh.

No airport scrutiny. No train strike mutiny.

Just don’t rely on your Sat Nav/GPS to get you there. In fact, don’t bring any of your mod cons. Just follow your instinctive nose to the green pastures of Perthshire

Actually no, that’s not my best advice. Veto that.

Make sure you studiously read their instructions on ‘getting there’, sent prior to your arrival. And stick to them. No going off-piste please. Else, you will have a rather fast flowing, though impeccably beautiful, glistening River Teith to negotiate. You have been warned…​

WELCOME to your slice of sylvan Scotland. The Treehouse of Lanrick.

A collection of five hand crafted treehouses that are camouflaged against the towering Birch trees of this hidden tavern. Seemingly hovering on their stilted ‘boots’, each offering 1 bedroom hideaways with private decking and umpteen little treats; 
A triumphant result of his well paid off 15 years spent in the Architectural Design industry in London by Simon, the husband of this creative couple, the design of each treehouse ensures maximum privacy if booking just one, as well as convivial bliss if celebrating an anniversary, birthday or especially a wedding.

Woodland Wedding anyone?

A plethora of woodland walks to discover. The Estate in which this woodland cavern is nestled, is expansive. And all yours. 

Read a blog from our tour planner Alice Paisley

Isle of SkyeThe Faerie Pools

Scotland Isle of skye fairy pools.jpg

As you drive around the Trotternish Peninsula on the Isle of Skye, you may encounter more sheep than people. (photo: Cameron Hewitt)

scotland Isle of skye fairy ring.jpg

3 nights Lodging at Toravig House

Toravaig House is situated in an elevated, south facing position on the Sleat peninsula on the Isle of Skye, enjoying views out across the Atlantic waters of the Sound of Sleat.

This Hebridean gem has, many times, won the title “Scottish Island Hotel of the Year” at the Scottish Hotel Awards.

With its comfortable lounge, bar stocked with local whiskies and open fire, this is a gorgeous place to begin your evening after a day exploring our beautiful Island.

Scotland Toravig house - scottish breakfast.jpg

Dunvegan CastleIsle of Skye

A full day tour discovering the Isle of Skye

A truly stunning drive 

Aside from the Trotternish Peninsula, Skye has a handful of other worthy sights. Perched on a rock overlooking a sea loch, Dunvegan Castle is the residence of the MacLeod clan, who claim that this is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland.

The castle provides an interesting look at rural Scottish aristocratic lifestyles and their antiquated clan system.  This is where you will find the Fairy Flag.

Contact Gloria Coppola, retreat

Scotland Steam train jacobite.jpg

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