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Receiving the gift

I was called and didn't know why but I said "Yes"

Have you ever had a calling to someplace, somewhere and really didn't understand it at all? Did you listen?

Many years ago , while I was in Egypt I had a dream that I was to go to Peru.

My initial response was "Oh really, I finally make it to Egypt and you send me to Peru. Good Night"

Well, you can laugh, as I did, but the truth is that message would follow me for 3 more years.


Do you believe in Synchronicity?

I could no longer avoid the messages.

One day I received an email and to this day, neither one of us know how I got on the email list.

A woman, Mama Sharon, was promoting a retreat in Peru.

I asked her to send me information and in a few days I received a

manila packet in the mail.

My body began to tremble and shake and since I was familiar with this response when something resonated to be "truth"

I just "KNEW" this was the time.

I did not open the packet!

Crazy right?


I contacted her immediately and said "sign me up".

So it was done!

Honestly, I did not even know what we were going to do or where we were going.

How many people out there can say they would go on a trip without knowing much?

I just let it go at that point, not worrying about anything or even thinking about it for the next few months.

Then I received an email from a friend who decided to come with me and she said "Do you have the itinerary"? Hmm?

"Let me open the packet and see if it is in there".


OMG can this be true?

You see, my dream in Egypt stated clearly I needed to go on a missionary trip to help the children. I never even asked Mama Sharon about the itinerary. I just trusted and said YES.

Yes, we were going to visit orphanages and bring some supplies to children and villages. It would open my heart, give me the gift of gratitude and put me on a mission to continue to serve.


Little did I also know that I would receive an initiation at Machu Picchu that would open me to levels of perspective I never knew before.

I would see more and gain more insights and healing and it would further my journey to help this planet.

Only 2 of us said YES because the conditions were quite, well, let's say out of our comfort zone.

The Ark of the Covenant is an etheric vortex or doorway through which the energy of Spirit pours and enters our planetary realm. In our bodies, we have a mini-Ark of the Covenant which has begun to form in our heads, called the Rainbow Bridge by some. It was my time to receive the download of Spirit for the activation of these next healing layers.

I saw lights, colors, symbols and faces rapidly fire at my 3rd eye (6th chakra). I was hanging off a ledge of about 8 inches wide and resting my arms on a stone wall.

I told you it was out of my comfort zone.

I was told a white circular light would appear on my forehead and the ones witnessing it definitely attested to this light. I have no words, honestly. I still hold this vision in my minds eye and I know the more I have accepted this gift, the more my gifts were to open.

It was years later when I realized that this was the gateway opening for me to help others reach and understand their soul purpose.


This October I am going back! I heard the calling once again. So divinely timed I believe to help with the planetary healing.

Only this time, I was called to another place. A holy land of the indigenous that most never knew, surely not I.

As we trek across the Incan trails, learn from the shaman, participate in blessings and healings our journey will take us 14,000 feet in the Andes.

We will sleep under the Southern Milky way and awaken to blessings we can only imagine at this point. I merely said YES, let's go!


The Rainbow Mountain has called and we will show up. We will hike to this holy place and listen to receive. The gift awaits us.

If you feel this pull, a calling and you know there is a gift waiting, then say YES!

I have 2 spaces left on this vision quest and someone out there is hearing this calling and I am here to provide you the space to receive your gift, your blessings and your healing.

I am excited to see what gift awaits us all! I am excited we get to gift the communities we travel through, our love and gifts too. The children await us and their smiles and hugs will fill you up more than you can ever fill a school bag with goodies.

The wisdom is calling you!

For more information you can email me at

You can also visit the retreat page with all the details on the website.

Listen to your calling. Trust your intuition and insights now. For the time is NOW if you got to this point.


Gloria Coppola, intuitive soul wisdom coach, author, educator and retreat leader. Here to guide others on their journey, to find their truth and purpose and to assist and support the opening of the gateway to your path.

"May we walk gently upon this earth and be in harmony with all creatures"

~ G. Coppola~

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