Lost in France ~ Goodbye Paris

Please don't go! He looked into my eyes, gently grasped my hand and walked me into the hotel where we would sit for a few more moments. Imagine sitting on the sofa, still wondering if this was all a dream, feeling his hand over yours and thinking.... what if. What if this is wrong. What if this is right? Then I remembered, be in this precious moment of time and stop the circling in your mind, Gloria. It was time to pack and getting late. I had an early morning train to Provence, yet in this moment, I wanted to savor his words, his touch, the look in his eyes. "Where your treasure is, there will also be your heart" ~ Paulo Coelho Slowly we walked down the steps to the front door. One last

Lost in France - one moment in time

Precious moments exist when we take the time to value life, to notice, to tap into our dreams and wishes and to realize that we can only experience what is real if we pay attention to the precious experiences right before us. I had no idea a wish was about to come true on the day of my birthday. Before you open your eyes each day, give thanks. Take a few moments to just notice how you feel and what you are aware of in your space. Do you hear the sweet sounds of birds singing outside your window? Do you notice gentle breezes, soft winds or the warmth of the sun on your body? When was the last time you noticed your heart beating? I was entering a world of heightened senses and over the next 9

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