I got the key

The journey continues, part 3 We continued our travels to the Valley of the Kings. I was still feeling out of sorts and wasn't sure if all of this was a dream. My feet kept moving and my heart kept pumping, so I kept walking. My head was spinning and my mind was fuzzy. It felt like coming off of an amusement ride that flipped you upside down and round and round. Our tour guide would take us through King Tut's Tomb. The elegant paintings stood tall and stories were told of a life of just a boy, who reigned over this nation. Antiquities were no longer there because of looting but the ancient history and scenes were infused with magical powers surrounded by Tut’s burial chamber that mapped o

Mystical ~ Magical ~ Mysterious

We stand at the gateway and often don't walk through, doubting, fearing or unsure of what is expected if we do! When we make the decision to take the chance, to listen,our lives will forever change and a gateway of wisdom will be shown to you. The journey continues..... The sun was setting, my eyes were blurred from a trip I did not remember taking to this land of the great ancestors. Was I dreaming? Soon it would be revealed all of life is a dream.The details are blurred but the experiences live in my heart eternally. It was the night of the full blue moon and I chose to go with a special group into the pyramids. My intuition kept calling go to the Kings Chamber! There was no doubt, I must

Yes it takes courage

Have you ever wondered how someone moves on after many life losses, tragedies and big bumps in the road? I know my life may appear to the outsiders like it's easy, that it's always filled with sunshine and rainbows and happy smiles. I'd like to share with you a journey , one that may inspire you, open your heart and even make you cry. At the age of 2, I was to attend my very first funeral. I recall the details even to this day. I don't remember being sad. I remember being curious about life and death, I remember kissing my uncle and supporting my aunt kneeling at the coffin. She was so gentle explaining things to me that I never had a fear of dying. Life was going to bring me a multitude of

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