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Mystical ~ Magical ~ Mysterious

We stand at the gateway and often don't walk through, doubting, fearing or unsure of what is expected if we do! When we make the decision to take the chance, to listen,our lives will forever change and a gateway of wisdom will be shown to you.


The journey continues.....

The sun was setting, my eyes were blurred from a trip I did not remember taking to this land of the great ancestors.

Was I dreaming?

Soon it would be revealed all of life is a dream.The details are blurred but the experiences live in my heart eternally. It was the night of the full blue moon and I chose to go with a special group into the pyramids. My intuition kept calling go to the Kings Chamber! There was no doubt, I must listen to this voice. The long plank to the entry way of the chamber seemed 1,000 miles long. I was still in a state of shock from my husband's passing just one month prior. I was still walking between worlds, feeling his presence and yet thinking why is this all happening now?


The moon was rising.

I followed the voice that led me into the Kings Chamber, where twelve women were meditating in a dimly lit room. The lights were like twinkles of fairies draped along the finely cut stones that embraced the sarcophagus of the king.

It was silent!

Mystical~ Magical~ Mysterious

Angelic voices began to chant. I listened. Astounding beams of sound bounced off the precisely laser cut stones into my heart. Tears flowed.

I observed.

Stillness ~ Awareness

My voice expressed through tones a resonance of angelic realms that surprised me.

Who was singing through me? It didn't matter. Nothing mattered. I was embraced by a love so profound, I could never truly describe it.

The lights went out!

QUIET for 2 hours!

~ Prayer~


As the angels beamed their magical colorful spirit over the heads of each women, I wondered could anyone else see this? Was this real? It didn't matter.

Then a voice ~ a voice I recognized so clearly ~

"Gloria, it's time to live your life"


Could it really be my mom? 25 years have gone by! I felt her standing beside me, the warmth of her heart and the smile on her face ~ so real!

She began to chat with me and told me she had never left me. She was always besides me, every step of the way.

~Tears flowed ~

~ Mystical~


I felt held like a child in the arms of their mother for the next hour. Tears of sadness and joy washed across my cheeks. The messages flowed and I just listened.

The energy in my body was building intensely.

My mind was spinning and yet I was at great peace.

Was this the peace I asked for in my journal just 6 weeks ago?

Was this why my life had the rug pulled out from under it? To escape the world of high pressure I had known for many years? Was this the peace that would embrace my heart to face any challenge that may be presented to me in this lifetime?

Was this the peace that would guide me ~ the voice that would show me

everything is just fine?


~ Calm~

The light came back on and it was my choice to experience life with new perception!

I had no idea what that even meant, in this moment.

I had the energy of a rocket ship!

I sprang forward, crawled through the opening to the long plank ~

Ran and Ran and Ran, it felt like one single breath!

~ FLY~

Could I really fly? Physically Fly?

I stood at the gateway, overlooking the dessert, the sun peeking through,

just observing.


My body was soaring like an eagle. My mind had no boundaries and the universe twinkled inside.

I was LIT UP!

I ran down the steps, across the rolling dessert and remained fully awake for the next 72 hrs! Sleep was not required.

~ Magical~


~ Mysterious~

I found myself 'disappearing' from the group at times as we explored the ancient ruins.

There would be "Spirit" guides showing up to take me to places that the

group did not go.

~No Fear~

I walked in confidence, I observed, I was intrigued.

It would feel like I was gone for hours, only to find out upon my return it would only be minutes. How could that be?

My roommate would ask how I could leave because anyone that walked away from the group would immediately be told to come back.

~ Mysterious~


Had I tapped into the great mystery?

Was I experiencing an altered reality? A dimensional shift?

A subconscious paradigm? A dream?

Was I walking between two worlds?

Whatever this was, I was able to walk with my ancestors. To hear them guide me with words of wisdom. My loved ones would embrace me and I would be at peace.

~ Peace~


The journey will continue....

Magical experiences that would change my life forever!

Experiences that would guide me to help support others find their purpose.

Wisdom that would have me searching and desiring more!



Have you ever had unexplainable incidences in your life that brought you through a gateway, that would profoundly and forever change your life?

Stay tuned ~~~ I will be back with more

~ Gloria Coppola~

It is this great wisdom that guides me each day

It is this wisdom that has shown me my purpose so that I can help others

find theirs too


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