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Dance under the stars

"I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body" ~ Dele Olanubi

Have you ever felt this way? Do you desire to live more fully? Are you tired of being quiet and now speaking your truth more frequently? Are you understanding the value of your voice? You are receiving messages and then, when you least expect it, the answers are showing up!

We were each born with a purpose! A purpose that will show up in everything you do!

Did you know it's so distracting in these modern days to listen with clarity? Nature has always been the source of connection and tapping into your wisdom? It's the ultimate healer.

If you took at least 10 minutes each day, quietly, in nature you would diminish that chatter, feel mentally clearer and fill your body with the energy to create.

If nature could wash away your worries, and you could nourish your soul would you take the opportunity to create more value in your life!?

Now, Imagine you took a week away from distractions!

Come with me to dance under the stars! I'm your clarity coach and soul purpose sage. I am excited to show you how to release what holds you down and experience more vibrancy and insights for your life!

Allow your soul to emerge and create life you desire

Allow your soul to emerge, design a life you want to live more purposefully!

Get out of your RUT! Make a change, start a new habit and ritual for yourself.

Join me in an open aired eco friendly venue on one of the most pristine and happiest places on the planet!

With less than 6 weeks to go, we will travel to this exotic location, immersed in nature where tapping into your gifts will be easier when guided each day. You'll be nurtured and nourished, with freshly prepared foods, daily yoga, meditation and breath work. Allow yourself to bathe in the fresh waterfalls as if nature was caressing your body and soothing your soul. Enjoy bliss as you float away with your massage by the sea as the sounds of nature and the healing hands bless your cells!!

A community of like minded solo female travelers are excited and ready to make the shift! Are you? Contact me to join us. Your hut awaits you.

You'll return home Inspired and rejuvenated. You'll know the steps to fulfill your purpose. You will attract more of what you love by using the coaching tools and exercises you learn.

Act Now and I will have a special gift for you! Your very own hiking back pack of your journey!

If you are still reading this, go ahead and listen to the calling! I'm ready to be your clarity coach

~ Gloria Coppola

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