Have you ever felt that there is a reason why the events in your life have taken place?

May 7, 2018

What if i told you there is so much more than you could ever humanly imagine? 





 I was about to take a journey, not one in the typical sense. I was not getting on a plane this time. I was not leaving the country.


I would go into deep meditation guided by a coach who would remind us to tap into the imprint of our soul essence. 

I am taking a journey to universes I have never known. Come with me.



Breathe in a figure eight and allow yourself to explore what the soul wants to communicate to you today.


Off I went into a state of bliss.


I love to soul travel do you?   


It's a place where I can be anything and I can expand my imagination and gain insights to why my life has been a series of huge lessons and lots of little bumps  and many great blessings along the way.



I would like to share this journey I had recently, one with profound images, insights and a sense of deep peace and knowing.


Are you ready to learn about the stars, the universe, the reason for the events in our lives?


Who are we with our limitations? Who would we be without them?

Ask yourself?


Now with an open mindset come explore with me!


You are a speck of stardust in an ocean of timelessness, gathering wisdom.


Can you feel this?


You are becoming a brighter light, a star seed. You know nothing but all is within. 


You are star traveling in time meeting the souls that will create another universe.


Did you ever imagine that?


You are the light showing the way and the path is brilliant when you come from the center of love and radiate beyond, beyond measurable time! 


Wow! Pretty amazing stuff, right?


You lost nothing in this life, we you were taught non attachment. You now can feel deeper and can crack open the shell that leads to the truth. It may hurt, but it will give you a great sense of freedom.


You were not meant to be living a life of false words, compromises, beliefs that manipulated and controlled your mind. 


WHOA!  Pretty cool eh?