Mystical ~ Magical ~ Mysterious

April 15, 2017

We stand at the gateway and often don't walk through, doubting, fearing or unsure of what is expected if we do! When we make the decision to take the chance, to listen,our lives will forever change and a gateway of wisdom will be shown to you.

The journey continues.....

The sun was setting, my eyes were blurred from a trip I did not remember taking to this land of the great ancestors.


Was I dreaming?

Soon it would be revealed all of life is a dream.The details are blurred but the experiences live in my heart eternally. It was the night of the full blue moon and I chose to go with a special group into the pyramids. My intuition kept calling go to the Kings Chamber! There was no doubt, I must listen to this voice. The long plank to the entry way of the chamber seemed 1,000 miles long. I was still in a state of shock from my husband's passing just one month prior. I was still walking between worlds, feeling his presence and yet thinking why is this all happening now?