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Kids love to travel

Hey my friends and colleagues!

I was thinking how fun it would be for us to journey together.

I had an idea to share a bit about my travels first, when they started, how they molded me, what they provided me and where they are taking me....hopefully with you!

So let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (humming song).

Take me back to New York City as a little girl full of life and enthusiasm...well much hasn't changed, except my age !

My aunts loved to travel and my parents loved weekend road trips. If I had to make up a story I would've been birthed on a plan to an exotic destination that remained in my soul a lifetime! However, the reality is I was born in Manhattan to 2 hard working and loving parents of european decent that taught me some great appreciation and values for life and cultures and let's not forget food!

One of the first adventures I remember was the Worlds Fair in NY! Yes that dates me a bit, eh? My aunt took me to see a small world. Boy is that ever so true now a days! I remember hearing her express to my parents how easy it was to travel with me and fun. We'd even go shopping quite often and I remember always keeping an eye on her purse because she had a habit of leaving it places. I look back and realize I had a keen sense and awareness of my surroundings which would help me in my future travels.

I can still hear the words in my head as we floated in the boat to the song "it's a small world....after all". (I know you are humming it now too, right?)

The worlds fair was magical! My jaw dropped in awe seeing all the dolls as the boat floated by and I imagined myself in some of these far away places! Oh the places we will see in this lifetime! Egypt was one of the many that became a destiny for me in my 40's. We'll learn more about that adventure later.

Pizza was a favorite treat of mine at the worlds fair and most places, still is, I must confess. However, I was a fussy one desiring the right combination of sauce to cheese. Now I create alternative healthier and gourmet pizza.

Did you have a favorite food as a kid? What is your first memory of a trip?

Stay tuned for more life adventures and feel free to share your memories too ~


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