Lost in France ~ Back to Paris

September 11, 2018


Oh the journey has been fun! If you've been following me you know about the romance in Paris on my birthday ;)


You came along with me to the aromatherapy museum, enjoyed some tapenades and pain du chocolat with me, well via the imagination, right?




I have so thoroughly enjoyed losing my cell phone in France and finding myself enlightened and enlivened in Provence. But alas, it's time to leave this beautiful place for a while and go forward with my journey. Next stop, another evening in Paris. 


You are probably thinking, will she go and meet him again? One last time?


I took the fast train back to Paris first class and enjoyed my journey once again through the countryside. I was looking forward to spending a few more hours in Paris before flying home very early in the morning. Another chance to explore and see how life unfolds.  What doorway would open next for me?


You see, travel has always been a journey for me on a soul level. I have been blessed to explore many places and learn more about my purpose, how I contribute to the world and follow my spirit's guidance.



Can you believe I did it again? I got lost! Seriously someone has a sense of humor.


The train station was literally less than half a mile from my  hotel. I decided to walk. Yes, I had a google map I printed but don't rely on them or people on the streets to send you in the right direction.


Yes, my poor feet were crying out loud once again, "what are you doing to me"? So what better thing to do than stop to eat crepe, right?  Little did I know the hotel was actually around the corner because no one knew when I asked.  You see, streets can have 2 names sometimes or maybe they just liked playing with an American? Not quite sure, but needless to say I went back to the train station, got a taxi and we both laughed how close the hotel was to me all along.



 I was getting a 'calling' to Sacre Coeur Basilica in the MontMarte region. I was glad I listened. The concierge said 'jump on the bus', my intuition said 'get a taxi'. Yes, I listened this time.  Upon arrival, I saw a lot of steps, again. I swear my feet were talking to me and begging me to find some flat land. So if you decide to tour Paris, bring comfortable shoes and be prepared for lots of walking and steps and more steps!


I've seen many cathedrals in life from New york to Italy, Egypt, Greece and now France. The architecture always adorns my eyes in amazement and awe and I often wish our buildings in this day and age would be designed with such miraculous brilliance.


Strolling through, it reminded me of how much I love stained glass window, candles, sculptures and the sacredness of the space.  I decided to light a candle for my family, say a prayer and revel in the moment.  The mosaics, paintings and the adoration of  the Sacred heart of Jesus Christ had an energy that wrapped a golden light around me. I felt protected, safe and Loved.

One of largest mosaics in the world of Christ in his Glory, represents Christ Risen, clothed in white and arms open wide, revealing his golden sacred heart.


I had to sit, overwhelmed and awed I can feel a powerful presence embrace me. You see I have always had a special connection with Jesus, since early childhood. I would see him in my bedroom at night, I would talk to him, I always felt him by my side and knew he was always a guide for me on my path.



Tears began to flow down my cheeks, not because of sadness, but a deep sense of peace and joy.


It felt as if he floated down from the dome and hovered over me. A grandiose feeling of bright light almost blinded me.  I just sat and reveled in this precious moment. No thoughts, no worries, nothing but magnificence.


I don't know how long it lasted, I just knew it felt beyond amazing when a voice called out to me.




Gloria, you have prepared well, it is your time to speak the truth, to share your journey and to help many find their path and purpose. I have taught you, showed you your purpose which has always been to find and live the truth. Go forward and use the gifts I have given you.  I knew in this moment, everything I had been delaying, things I questioned, feelings of inadequacy that popped up when insights came, all washed away and I knew I must leave the past behind and step into a new gateway, a golden one that would support me into the future.  


My first assignment, as I call it, was to go to the dome and pay the entry fee to climb to the top. I did not know it would be 300 steps, spiraling straight upwards.


I will be honest, I stopped many times, put my hand on my heart and said "thank you for beating".  There were moments I wondered if I would make it as I squeezed my belly in to let people pass by the narrow passage because I just could not keep up


I reminded myself of my motto "progress, not perfection".  I felt it was a test on some level. Would I risk my life and what if I didn't make it to the top alive?


I thought, no worries, if this was the last heart beat, I would be doing what I love and I knew the love of Jesus was with me every step of the way.


Obviously, I made it panting away and exhilarated at the same time. Then 300 steps down, not any easier and more steps to go. 


I had a sense of accomplishment. I  felt unstoppable and knew I could go the distance with God by my side. It was time to leave for I had an early morning flight back to to my home town and I decided to grab a taxi. No more walking for me today. "TAXI"!!!!