Lost in France ~ Found myself in Provence

September 1, 2018


Bienvenue to a small french provencale village, my home for 6 days.  This 400 year old hamlet holds memories, history and stories, just like the cells of our soul.


I would take a step back, a big one and "lost "would take on a grander meaning.






Had I forgotten what it was really like to live in the moment? Was I going around in circles more than I thought? Perhaps ?

I was about to realize just how much since I lost my cell phone.


 I showed up for life in the perfect serenity gardens of Jardin de vies!



Wow ! Prior to arriving, the train ride took me across miles and miles for 5 hours of travel to Les Arcs  draguignan.


My eyes were graced with rolling green valleys at the foot hills of the French alps on my train ride. 

Along the countryside, beautiful green vines blushing with grapes soon to be harvested seemed to go on forever. 


My friend was smiling as I stepped off the train and would soon prepare me a tasty snack of tapenade, wine, olives, cheese and breads. We'd sit in the courtyard toasting this time, conversing about things to see, while my childlike wonderment was jumping inside saying "show it all to me". 



The mornings were very special as the birds sang melodically to me when the sun was rising. As I opened the window to the garden below, the fresh smell of dew said 'Good morning"


Coffee was on and the gentle breeze would carry the smell up the stairs. 



I had a favorite spot where I would savor the morning in silence.

You can see there is an extra seat, just waiting for you. Imagine you are sitting here with me. Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath. 


Every breath provides another graceful aroma from nature; sage, rosemary, pine along with the sweetness of flowers.  The variety of trees embraced the rolling hills and the vines gracefully draped over the stone wall walkways blew gentle kisses my way.  I was earthing YES!  Taking it all in. Precious moments contin