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Italy ~ Amalfi Coast and Puglia
September 14 -29, 2018
You were born to love
A retreat in the land filled with passion

An adventure that will unlock and unearth your passion and purpose!

It's always been about love!

Are you ready to enjoy life more fully, treat yourself to the good life (La Dolce Vita)

and release your fears and doubt while embarking in a new direction towards

fulfilling that longing to be something greater than you've imagined?

Perfect for anyone.

Solo travelers and couples welcomed too!

Join Gloria Coppola, your personal coach and guide, author of You, Were Born to Love!

Bring more joy in your life, laughter and love that will ignite your cells to live more fully!

Let's unleash the emotional effects of your past and create a dazzling new

future for yourself that attracts what you love to live more purposefully!

I am ready to attract what I love

There's something magical about stepping outside of your life for a moment

  •  hearing a new language

  •  meeting new people

  •  tasting new foods

  •  being fully present in a new culture

  •  breathing deeply into the arts 

  •  feeling ecstatic about a new journey

  •  attracting what you love

  •  trying something new

  •  exploring with new eyes

  •  capturing memories that last a   lifetime

  •  learning about yourself



Wake up to a beautiful setting along the Amalfi Coast that will embrace your heart in a rich history of love and passion!
This is the perfect environment to feel special, valued, creative and to gain clarity on your life.
You will be inspired and nourished by ideas that will make your creative juices come alive;
even the ones you didn't know you had! Life will become more purposeful as you attract what you love.
Upon your arrival you will have time to relax and get settled in, before meeting with other retreat participants to enjoy the sunset and an apertif.
Breathtaking views bring a sparkle to your eyes each morning. You  will want to whip out that camera to capture the inspiration found in a glorious sunrise at a 4 star hotel overlooking the Amalfi coast.
This retreat is designed to nourish you. We will make you feel cared for and valued while offering you a new perception
of your gifts and talents to live more purposefully.
 Each day you'll enjoy a lovely breakfast and connect with other liked minded women. We will start our day out with an intentional mindset to attract that which we love.
The hotel in Salerno is located by the Accademie where you will be taking your cooking lessons. You can wander the narrow streets discovering hidden treasures.

Salerno is situated on a coastline that spans from Positano to Cilento, encompassing the culture and land of the Mediterranean allowing one to immerse themselves into the noble traditions of the South of Italy. With a mild climate, beautiful beaches, artistic treasures and regional landscape. 

Salerno is at the same time a place to relax and find oneself.

The city is full of many cultural and tourist attractions that can be enjoyed walking along the cities small but vivid centro storico – “old town.”

The sparkling Mediterranean Sea is the backdrop for the first part of our journey. Discover the magnificence and exquisite beauty of Salerno, Ravello, Positano, and Capri. 

Imagine spending time in the homes of Italian hosted families: eat breakfast together; learn how they live; practice your Italian.. Truly experience Italy from their perspective and lives.  The Accadamie de Leonardo has arranged for us to spend 3 nights with families who are delighted to meet you.  What a gift!

Can you just imagine how all these experiences will ignite your passion? Writers and artists, I am positive this will get your creativity flowing with new ideas!

I am ready to be renewed and inspired

Is it true we get to stay on a farm too?


We've arranged more wonderful experiences for you!

A delightful drive across the rolling hills of the countryside will take us to Puglia, the "Florence of the South;" a place rich in history, Greek culture, and beautiful stone craftsmanship.


We will spend our last few days resting comfortably at a quaint local masseria. Here you will be nestled in support and nurtured while you soothe your soul, relax, and have some time to focus on you.

A masseria is a fortified farm house or country house on an estate found in the region of Puglia, set in working farms producing olive oil, wine, or produce. Weather permitting you will have the opportunity to harvest olives or grapes on a farm.

This will be a great opportunity to use the Italian you have been learning from your lessons!



I learned a long time ago: 

feed the body, nourish the soul.

Breathe in the mouth-watering aromas floating from the numerous restaurants, coffee bars, bakeries, and farmers’ markets.

You'll be enticed by an array of delectable treats throughout our journey- beginning with our welcome gathering when you arrive.

Awaken your culinary genius with cooking classes! Expert chefs will share their secrets and teach us to enjoy and make cooking fun. Let your creativity come alive as we create mouth-watering meals and enjoy them together. 


Learn how to cook italian food at the house of an Italian "mamma"! With traditional Italian recipes from the Mediterranean Diet

Did you know that Mediterranean Diet has its background in Salerno? 

In a few easy steps we teach you how to cook simple and tasty dishes from traditional Italian recipes.

Learn about the history of pasta, the different types of pasta, pasta and festivities. Create your own hand made pasta dish with fresh local ingredients. Yes, we eat everything we make, together! The Accademia di Leonardo will delight you with their Chef for Passion!

Eating well means living well and this is the philosophy we try to convey during the course. At the same time you can practice the Italian language and learn the idioms and expressions of southern dialect.

It's a really fantastic experience because you will be involved into the Real Italian Lifestyle, the Southern Style.

Did someone say pizza?

The Cuisine of Salerno

Despite its rich farmland and access to ports for fresh seafood, the cuisine’s ”claim to fame” is the wide selection of street food, which may be baked, fried, grilled or even frozen. 

Pizza and pasta, cooked from the local wheat, make the region’s recipes famous throughout the world. 

Genuine pizza, the most famous hand-held food, is usually either pizza marinara (topped with tomato, garlic and oil), or pizza margherita (topped with tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella).

Divine Elegance

Are you ready to dive into a very special evening of elegance at a world class grotto restaurant? Welcome to the Adriatic coastline! 

A divine evening awaits you where your gifts will be honored and you will feel like a goddess. Guys you will feel your majestic self too!


Get ready to show the world you got your mojo back and enjoy celebrating with all the like-minded friends we made on this amazing journey together.

I get to live like a local, this is amazing


By the end of this retreat you will be enthusiastic for your newly refreshed life,
having gained purpose and clear direction.
You will love life more deeply!
 You will honor dormant gifts and claim your spiritual elegance;
learning to embrace your life force energy in order to shine vibrantly. 
You will have gained powerful trans-formative tools to align you with your divine purpose, thus creating a life you love while feeling wiser and more confident.
You will shine so brightly the people around you will need sunglasses,
dazzling the world with your newly rediscovered mojo!

Now that you are clear about your future, you are ready to take steps into your future as an empowered individual. You will have the confidence to know who you are; how to honor your gifts; and how to embrace the change you desire.

Your new plan for the next phase of your life, and the guidance you have received will have you believing in yourselfYou will be guided through a process to honor your intuitive senses, using simple techniques: creative expression and play. Those long forgotten gifts will be screaming to say "Yes, I want more!"

You are open to the magic that is about to unfold in your life by trusting your intuition and being in partnership with your spirit. You are ready to attract more of what you love. The professional coaching and guidance supported you through the process of removing doubt and claiming your life. All this while you had fun and explored a new culture!

All I need is cappuccino to say "Yes!"

What's Included


Yes, I will buy you a cappuccino!

  • A driver will be picking us up at the Naples airport to take us through the promenades of Naples, arriving at the 4 star Grand Salerno Hotel, overlooking the Amalfi Coast

  • A lovely welcome gathering with apertif and special gift to help us as we embark upon our journey together 

  • 14 nights - double occupancy accommodations are included​ in the package pricing

    • 4 star hotels, Masseria/farm house B&B, and 2 nights at an Italian family hosted hostel.​

      • In the event you do not have a roommate, you will be charged a single occupancy rate if we cannot match you with someone​

      • Single occupancy upgrade available 

  • Entry tickets and fees for boat excursion to the Emerlad cave 

  • Visit the Royal Palace, the supreme work of Luigi Vanvitelli (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the surrounding park

  • Visit the ​Paestum, one of the most beautiful cities of Magna Graecia (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

  • Hike to the Path of the Gods, a glorious path overlooking the Amalfi coast. The trail is around 8km. We will stop at Nocelle, close to Positano, where we can enjoy wandering its narrow streets

    • You can enjoy shopping at clothing stores with accessories sewn and painted by hand, and even get leather sandals made to measure

  • Most meals​:

    • Breakfast daily 

    • 10 lunches 

    • 10 dinners, including the elegant extravaganza at a world famous Grotto Restaurant.

    • You will have the opportunity to explore local cafes during free time

  • Minibus transportation for the duration of your stay and the airport shuttle in Naples

  • Professional English speaking tour guide throughout our entire journey, to ensure we will be well taken care of for the duration of our travels.

  • International Accademie de Leonardo classes in Salerno

    • 6 hrs of Italian lessons

    • 3 cooking classes

    • A pottery class; you will make your own souvenir!

  • The Valley of the Mills is where the cultivation of lemons and the production of the famous liqueur, Limoncello, occurs

  • We will visit a production site of mozzarella bufala PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), and take a cooking class with local products

    • Lunch will be the meals prepared during your class

  • Personal coaching and guidance by your host to help you gain clarity towards your purpose and learn to value your gifts. Receive a  Free 1 hour soul purpose session and reading to attract what you love.

  • Early bird Value priced at $4995.00 US/pp Register by Jan, 30, 2018 for this $500 savings

  • Bonus gift: Photography shoot for lifetime memories 

What's Not Included

  • Your round trip airfare from home to Italy

  • Any wine or adult beverages you purchase

  • Gratuity

  • Souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra events and services at spa, etc.

  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance

  • Private additional clarity consultation with Gloria @ $150/hr. We can focus on areas of your life that you desire to improve.

  • Any extra activities you choose to do in your free time - transportation for these is also not included

Drift off into pure bliss and serenity  ~ you deserve it

Take advantage of unscheduled time to indulge in a luxurious spa treatment. Enjoy a walk on the beach or journaling time for some quiet personal reflection.

Nurture those feet after we hike along the Path of the Gods and allow the skilled healing hands nurture your cells into bliss. You deserve it.

Breathe in those aromatic oils and drift away while you imagine creating and attracting a life you love.

*Spa treatments are an optional add on, starting at 80 Euros*

Travel Information


I am ready to develop into the wisest, most free, and loving version of my self

Book your arrival flight to land by 5PM in Italy

at the Naples airport  and

book your return flight from Bari, Italy

 Check out time is 11 am.

Our own private airport shuttle in Naples will take us to the Grand Salerno Hotel, and minibus transportation for our scheduled itinerary is included for the duration of our stay.

You will receive any additional necessary information upon completing your Registration.  As with all international travel, it is recommended you purchase travel insurance. 

Feel free to contact me for any assistance:

Go get your passport! Get ready to practice Italian in a land of passion!  We'll have fun each step of the way.

You'll enjoy experiencing the culture from many perspectives ! We are excited to welcome and guide you to bring more love into your life

Packing List

My motto: "travel light"

  • A small to medium size suitcase that rolls

    • Avoid heavier, larger suitcases. You won't be happy, trust me​

  • Casual, comfortable clothing

  • Bathing suit

  • Elegant wear for dinner at the grotto (or go shopping for that special outfit in Italy!)

  • Personal hygiene needs

  • Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers

  • Ear plugs, just in case you need them

  • An extra 'small' carry on backpack or tote for your souvenirs

  • Vitamins and/or daily medications

  • A travel journal, camera, and extra batteries

  • An open heart and open mind

You will receive a complete check list once you are registered and paid to make travel easier.



Gloria Coppola


I'm so passionate about helping others reach their full potential in life! It would be my pleasure to guide you on this delicious and nutritious Soul FULL journey to attract more of what you love. I've been a transformational coach for nearly 30 years, and hosting retreats for 12 years! Travel has provided me so much clarity in life: helping me grow and lifting the veil of illusion.

Visiting Italy at the age of 17 provided me the opportunity to shift my perception of reality. This was when I realized that I had to explore more! I gained such an appreciation for my adventurous side: I realized I had courage, and I even jumped off a moving train while a young man proposed to me in Italian. I sometimes wonder where this adventure could have led me had I stayed on that train in Florence a long time ago.


I returned to Italy with my cousin a few years ago, and together we grew, we laughed, and we learned to enjoy life in the moment. Cooking classes were a highlight of our trip: we created delicious food and nurtured our souls in the process. Finding some distant cousins who welcomed us into their lives with opens arms made us feel home.

My life has had challenges, from emotional and physical trauma, to losses of many kinds. I'm a never give up kind of gal and I can tell you each time I visit another country, I appreciate life more and I learn more about my heart's desires.


I found Joy in this culture and it lifted my depression ~ because who could be sad when you attract what you love?


Do you believe in divine intervention? I do. I was at a Farmers Market in Florida one day purchasing some delicious balsamic vinegar, olive oils, and delicious Italian bread, when I met Giuseppe. His wife, Claudia (pictured above left) became my amazing liaison to co-create this adventure. She's a mom of 2 boys and helps her husband run their business.

Rosa (pictured below left) was born in Salerno and studied Marketing and Communication at University before obtaining a Masters in Marketing. She has been working for the Academia Leonardo with her brother since 2012. Rosa is in charge of all the activities (tours, excursions, Italian courses, and cooking classes). She exuberantly loves to share her culture and is looking forward to making your experience comfortable and delightful.

Claudia and Rosa grew up together in Italy. They both have offered guidance to bring together the most amazing and creative aspects that will help fulfill the destiny of our lives. I believe God put us all together for a purpose and I look forward to sharing that purpose with you.

Be prepared to tap into their joy, love, and passion! 


Gloria J Coppola is the most credible guide and coach for healing your negativity and turning your assets and attributes into moving parts in the process of creating the life you want. -Y. Fleming

Self Realization is the sweetest and most nutritious food for the soul

I am ready to pack my bags! 

Just press that button below!

I will be connecting soon

Congratulations on making the decision to say YES.

One more step! I will be calling you soon.  I want to get to know more about you so your experience is amazing. It's going to be so fun getting to know you!

~ Gloria

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 USD deposit, unless we can find someone to take your place.
Cancellations made up to July, 31, 2017 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price, while any cancellations made thereafter will result in a total loss of funds.
We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it does not meet the minimum number of participants; however if we do so your deposit and all other payments will be refunded in full.
Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.

Your Extra Bonus

Keep Your Mojo Activated When You Return Home!

 Each participant will receive a free copy of my book "You Were Born To Love" that is designed to help you continue to create and attract more of what you love in life. It contains a step by step weekly guide, filled with tips, exercises, and creative expression ideas. You will also be given access to our Facebook Group: "Design Your Life With Purpose" to help you stay connected with like-minded people.

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