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Thank you Gloria for the opportunity and gift you allowed me to experience ..I just had  a Soul Purpose Reading and it brought clarity and understanding..and I can't wait to apply it in all aspects  of my life  heart is full brought tears to my eyes . D.L.

We all have a unique purpose

Do you ever feel lost in this universe, not quite sure why you are here?

Do you have a feeling there is something more for you to accomplish in this lifetime?

We all have a unique purpose

Imagine if you could identify clearly what stands before you.  Does something always seem to block  you from trusting your path?

What if you had a blueprint that supported, validated and gave you greater understanding of your purpose? Something more than your career?

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How did I find my purpose?

I trusted a process! However, keep in mind it was not one I saw coming. I would consider myself intuitive by nature; however I didn't fully own it until later in life.

I was sitting one day when messages began to divinely flow through me. Not quite sure why or what they would be used for, I would soon find out that beautiful cards would be designed to help others get inspired.

Everything happened so quickly, I had no time to think about what was happening and just trusted it was, what it was.

A couple of years later in a prayer, I was told to provide soul purpose readings with these cards to my students attending a retreat. I said "I don't do readings". I heard " Correct, you don't , just listen".  That day changed my life and the lives of many more who trusted the process and guidance that comes through these messages in a session guided through me.

kLimited Edition Card Sets Available

$ 45 includes shipping in US only

I'm ready to know my purpose and live more purposefully and take action

The Aloha Message Cards 

are sacred!

Each word has a meaning, multiple meanings

and hidden meanings.

The guidance comes through the words, the sentences, the feelings, the pictures and your process of growth.

When we connect together through our breath and prayer we gain access to the wisdom waiting to guide you.

A 1 hr session will support you

on this soul path.

Learn the first step to tackle those challenges and rid those blocks and learn how the rest will unfold.


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