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Do you crave Love?
The kind of love that ignites your cells and gives you new purpose in life?
The love that comes with a sense of adventure, getting out of your comfort zone and exploring a relationship with new things, places and people?
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Breathe in the beauty of Lake Bled

Chances are, if you’ve only seen one photo of Slovenia, it’s of Lake Bled. And the turquoise lake, embellished with a steepled church on a tiny tear-shaped islet, set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, is just as gorgeous in the flesh.


Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air as you glide across the lake to the island aboard a traditional pletna rowing boat, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or hike up the hill to storybook medieval Bled Castle and enjoy the magnificent views.

Croatia is the ideal place for anyone looking to getaway on a healthy holiday. Relax and rejuvenate alongside views of the sparkling turquoise-blue Adriatic sea, explore the many islands that scatter its breath-taking landscape, the jaw-dropping vivid green lakes you can swim in and admire the characterful architecture that lines this wellness hotspot.
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