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Chakra Training - March 27 & 28th

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Does this sound like you?

root chakra symbol.png

Are you feeling 'off" more than usual, like you lost your balance in life? Your energy is low and you don't feel supported in your life, including financially?

Are things stagnant, not moving well, including physically? Does it feel like you are stuck?

Do you feel out of control?

2nd chakra orange.png
chakra solar plexus 3.png

Do you have a burning desire within but don't know where to start? Do you feel hopeless and powerless at times?  Do you allow yourself to be influenced easily?

Are you ready to feel more connected?

Chakra heart green.png

The heart connects the lower chakra with the above ~ it's the bridge.

How would you like to learn how to reset your chakras and

feel more at peace in your life?

Are you ready to forgive and love more deeply?

Creativity & Expression


It's time to express yourself with your authentic voice!

Your soul is calling for you to be creative in your life ~ through your words, actions, communication, and even the arts as a means to feel alive.


Ready to be governed by your insights and the principles of imagination and intuition?

Get ready for the opening to your higher consciousness!


Higher Consciousness


Once we are aligned we open the gateways to higher consciousness and the universal collective consciousness

Learn how to understand, align and gain access to the wisdom waiting  for you

Woman is meditating with glowing seven c

Let's face it ~ we all could use some alignment and support?

Learn the common cause behind blockages, deficiencies, or overworked energy so you can prevent burnout and take preventative steps.

Understand how our developmental stages have also affected our chakra system and what you can do?

More will make sense to you once you compete this training?

I am ready to live my purpose

I have designed this program because it helped me for many years.

I trained extensively in the chakra system with my mentors, Caroline Myss and Anodea Judith. Both women having a deeper understanding of energy. In addition, I studied with shaman and kahuna who also teach the

healing of our energy bodies.

*I will be sharing beyond the basics

* You will have tools to create a more balanced life

I spent years understanding the physical, psychological and emotional components of our developmental years.

Have you wondered why doing yoga & meditation don't always

seem to sustain your balance?

 Your system may need a little more tender loving care

as a result of incidents, we have experienced.

* You will gain insights into how your developmental experiences have created some challenges to remain aligned

* Practice forgiveness and self-love with techniques I provide to create a greater life and connection with your purpose

* Learn what foods, crystals and thoughts patterns will help you

Create a life you love , one of peace and balance

Image by Jay Castor

I am ready to blossom

6-hour workshop and Bonus 45 min. chakra coaching call

Value $ 295

Today $47.00

Register  for the Chakra Workshop

Workshop fee is $47

Thanks for registering. You will receive an invoice in your email and further details with the link for class. Gloria


March 27th - 10 am to 1 pm Est

March 28th - 2 pm to 5 pm Est

Recordings will be available

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