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Travel with Gloria Coppola for a Soul~Cation
Life enhancing and unforgettable ~ small group retreats
France ~ Italy~ Bali ~ Scotland

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I design and develop unique trips, not tours. No rushing to take photos and go home exhausted. I enjoy finding less touristy places to include on our journey together. It's more like a retreat, paced for enjoyment and rejuvenation.

It's important to me for my guests to experience the culture, the people, the culinary and the creative aspects of each region. 


We enjoy lovely luxurious & boutique hotels, many meals included and time for you to relax before we get on our excursions happening.

NO big tour busses, private drivers when needed.

NO funny flags waving in the air. Not going to be an 'obvious' tourist. Typically, my groups are 6 -12 participants.

Some past trips have been to Peru, Vancouver, Italy, France, Costa Rica , Kauai, etc.

I enjoy getting to know what you want to experience and pay personal attention to your needs.

Often, I hire a professional photographer for some shots, but we all take some pretty amazing photos to share.

The fun part for me is in the research, all the details and working along with an international travel advisor, when needed. He will find the best hotels and tour guides and arrange the ground transportation.


Throw in some art classes, cooking classes, in France a perfume class, journaling exercises, volunteer tourism in Peru, a massage or two because I love spas, do you?

Bali focuses on spirituality along with self healing - Coming up Sept 2024/


You will be delighted, surprised and have a fantastic adventure when you travel with me. My love of travel will seep through every thing I provide for you. 


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