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Deepen your skill sets ~ Learn what the elders passed down to me ~ It's much more than massage


Do you have a calling for something deeper and more sacred? A healing modality that teaches you to find the balance within yourself and help others?

Is there something you feel is aligning you to live more purposefully on a path of healing?

Do you feel a calling to Hawaii?


Do you wish to explore more about the healing arts?

Would you like to have a greater experience that shifts your life and your clients?

Lomilomi may be calling you ~ A sacred and traditional healing art


Contact me for an interview!

Why? Because it's important that we both align as well!

I want to know more about you and be sure this is the training you are meant to take.


In this workshop we will explore the basic hawaiian principles of healing

You will Learn how to create LOKAHI in your life = Balance, Harmony & Unity

You will learn better communication skills and how to live a life of Pono - truth and compassion through the art of Ho'oponopono (To make things right and bring resolve)

Why? Because this is how healing begins and evolves!


Train in movement exercises aka martial arts help you deepen your core strengthen

and build your mana (spiritual energy) ~ Gain sustained super charged energy when you perform the massage.

Breathing techniques help you move energy clearer and quicker


Learn the graceful and artful forearm stroke that attracts so many to Lomilomi

Also integrate deep and profound stretches to open spaces so energy flows

Yes, we drape! Learn proper draping techniques


Earn 42 CE's approved through the NCBTMB 336538-00

5 full days 8:30 am to 5:30 pm exploring and learning what the hawaiian elders have passed on to me over the course of 8 years of study with them in Hawaii.

Location: International Institute of Massage Therapy in Idaho Falls, Idaho

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What is Lomilomi?

The most familiar and common description is compassionate touch. However, it's more, it's a lifestyle that goes far beyond the massage.

Lomilomi is a healing art!

All traditional lomilomi begins with Pule, the power of prayer and how to create the sacred space for healing

Investment in your future
Early Registration discount = $195.00 by April 30, 2019
Save an additional $100 when you pay via check or money order by May 30, 2019
Save up to $295.00
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$500 Deposit
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