What called me back to Peru

January 31, 2019



16 years ago I was guided to visit Peru! Guided? Yes, in a dream. I was in Egypt and one night I received a message to go to Peru for a missionary trip. It took me 3 years to finally listen.  It changed my life on levels that I could write an entire book about and still not tell it all.


1 year ago my Peruvian friend said to me "it's time to come back Gloria" Yes, it was.


As soon as I said YES I felt a sense of awe overcome me.  I did not wait 3 years this time!

I knew something special was in store for me and the group I was going to invite. They would know who they were because they too, would feel a calling. That's how it happens.


Most people think of Machu Picchu when they think of Peru. However, something else was calling me this time. In the meantime, as I listened in my meditation and dreams to be guided once again I began the plans to host a retreat.