Receiving the gift

June 26, 2018


Have you ever had a calling to someplace, somewhere and really didn't understand it at all?  Did you listen?


Many years ago , while I was in Egypt I had a dream that I was to go to Peru. 

My initial response was "Oh really, I finally make it to Egypt and you send me to Peru. Good Night" 



Well, you can laugh, as I did, but the truth is that message would follow me for 3 more years.




 Do you believe in Synchronicity?



 I could no longer avoid the messages. 

One day I received an email and to this day, neither one of us know how I got on the email list.


A woman, Mama Sharon, was promoting a retreat in Peru.



I asked her to send me information and in a few days I received a

manila packet in the mail. 

My body began to tremble and shake and since I was familiar with this response when something resonated to be "truth"


I just "KNEW" this was the time.

I did not open the packet!

Crazy right?


I contacted her immediately and said "sign me up". 


So it was done!


Honestly, I did not even know what we were going to do or where we were going. 





How many people out there can say they would go on a trip without knowing much?


I just let it go at that point, not worrying about anything or even thinking about it for the next few months.


Then I received an email from a friend who decided to come with me and she said "Do you have the itinerary"?  Hmm?

"Let me open the packet and see if it is in there".