When life gets you down, get up and dance

April 15, 2018

What's it like when you try so hard to have a good and easy life and you feel like you keep getting knocked down?


Maybe your health suffers? Perhaps an injury or a car accident? Then you wonder why people you love are taken away from you through divorce or death? You work hard, you are a good person and yet you struggle with something in life that keeps you down.

Anxiety? Depression? Pain?  Something else got you down?

You get back up and you try again. Then you lose more, your business fails or you have another financial set back because you lost your job. What to do?


Have you known this frustration?


It's nerve racking? It can be defeating...if we let it!



Day after day we can try and get up, smile, go out, be social and perhaps go right back to bed. 


It can be so hard to take one more step, lift that leg so you can walk again.  You do your best to hide your feelings and do what you can each day to survive.




Life shows up when we least expect it right?
Then we reach an age that is supposed to be 'golden' and we are still facing challenges. It might appear others are doing so great and so you avoid going out because you don't want to look like the failure. Ever feel this way?

Now you feel isolated too?


Just when you think you've turned it around, something else happens.


Then someone tells you about that law of attraction and you want to punch them in the face, right? Like seriously, you wanted all these things in your life? 



 Another person may tell you 'go to church', 'get a real job', etc.  


When depression slams us, even those of us who have been the uplifting ones to others in life, it's not easy to do anything.

 It can stifle our life.


We can feel hopeless.

We may not see a way out and we don't ask for help, either.

After all why would we tell people how hard it is, they would judge us right?


Post traumatic stress is real!