A time came when it would all shift

April 8, 2018


A time had come when I would be called, not really knowing or expecting the journey that was about to happen. The insights and wisdom that would be shared and the experiences that would open my mind to a gateway of ancient knowledge would transform my purpose and heal my heart beyond my imagintion.


I was sleeping in more ways than one. I was dreaming not about my life, but a dream that would lead me to a new perspective of life. I was being called upon to awaken, there was no denying another step, another event, another challenge and another leap in consciousness had been prepared for me on a soul level, way before I ever perceived it coming... actually my entire life and the time would come now.


If you read my previous posts about Egypt, then you know many things were shown to me. Egypt was a life time dream trip since a very young age. I had no idea the profound impact it would have on me and more so, the direction it would take me in my life.


I would one day sit upon this mountain, yes, Machu Picchu and be initiated through an Incan ceremony. 


The dream however, only told me I had to go to Peru and do missionary work. Nothing more.


I remember waking up and thinking that my whole life I wanted to visit Egypt and now I was being told to go to Peru, a place that I never even considered.


 How often are things suggested to us in life that we ignore or discount as not being important? How many times are messages, signs and synchronous events popping up and we just view them as non important or ignore them until it is no longer possible?


There was no denying after 3 years of signs that something was working to get me to Peru.  I recall teaching a cranio sacral class in New Jersey. We were in a circle introducing ourselves when I looked to the left to notice a women of what appeared to be of Peruvian decent. Well it didn't get much closer to my face than this and I knew that I could no longer ignore the signs.


It was days later when I returned to my home in Kauai that I received an email. It would be from a non profit organization, Path of the Heart, announcing a trip to Peru. How did they get my email? To this day, no one knows.  I knew in this moment I had to reach out and ask for more information.  Back in those days our technology was limited, so I received a packet in the mail in a few days. What was about to happen, would change my life.


I held the envelop in my hand and my body shook! It was in this split second I knew I was being offered an opportunity, something magical, mystical and grand. I never opened the envelope but immediately went back to the email to replay, SIGN ME UP.  Have you ever just "KNOWN" you must do something and eliminated the questioning process. I took the leap of faith.


It was weeks before the journey when I finally opened the envelope to find out it was a missionary trip to orphanages. Just like the dream, I was being calle