Accessing the power of our purpose

June 20, 2017

What is our soul saying to us? 

How do we access the truth and have faith in what we feel?


Thank you spirit for giving me the precious gift of life today. This day is a new

day and I have never lived it before.  God, I want to hear you clearer and know.


What are you saying to me today? It is my prayer today to trust deeper, to gain more faith and to allow the truth to be heard, so that I may serve.


How many times in life have you thought, there must be something more for you to do? That life has to have more purpose, more meaning than waking up to go to a job and coming home tired.


How many times have you felt you heard a voice deep within call out to you, asking you to be more, yet you didn't believe in yourself?



I remember as a young girl praying each day, serving in the convent on weekends to help the nuns and dreaming of a life where my connection with God was so powerful I would never doubt myself in anything I did in this lifetime.


I remember a day I lost faith in what I believed.  A time when things were changing rapidly and the truths I was taught were now being untold and new truths were confusing me. Who could I trust? I believed so strongly those foundational beliefs and now I wanted to run away from the liars. 

What I once held so closely to my heart, was now a blur. Where do I put my faith now, where do I run, where do I hide?


It would be  years of searching, studying, exploring only to find something was always missing.  Can you relate?


How would I know my purpose?   


I went from job to job, never satisfied. I excelled at everything I put my mindset to and gained recognition for many things accomplished.  But something, was still pulling me deeper into my heart ~~~ when all became still.


I would once again be challenged to have faith  and know that my purpose was being revealed each day. I had a knowing that once I truly trusted to the voice I heard, the power would take over to live on this earth as I was intended to walk.


One day I would know. I would surrender and say I am sorry. I have not had the trust to believe you, God, that you would always be there for me. Oh sure, I thought I believed it, but if I truly did surrender I would be living more purposefully and finding the joy in everything I do.  I would know ~ a deep knowing. I would feel connected once again.

Today I stand before you and allow myself to soften, allow my heart to open and breathe deeply into life. I will trust the angels, I have always felt, that they will catch me if I fall.


I am becoming a radiant luminous light being living a fuller freer expanded life.

I am feeling you pull me closer ~ to co create and learn the laws of the universe that are opening the doors of possibility in my life. I am also chosen and my willingness to learn is my right and to give the gift of myself to you.


The most wonderful things are happening ~ Life is filling my heart ~ my mind and body are vibrating ~ spirit is talking to me daily ~  I am listening.  I am taking action with faith each time I listen, I will know more clearly, in each sacred moment, I will activate these gifts and I am living a life of purpose. I am connected.