I got the key

April 17, 2017

 The journey continues, part 3

We continued our travels to the Valley of the Kings.  I was still feeling out of sorts and wasn't sure if all of this was a dream. My feet kept moving and my heart kept pumping, so I kept walking. My head was spinning and my mind was fuzzy. It felt like coming off of an amusement ride that flipped you upside down and round and round.


Our tour guide would take us through King Tut's Tomb. The elegant paintings stood tall and stories were told of a life of just a boy, who reigned over this nation.  Antiquities were no longer there because of looting but the ancient history and scenes were  infused with magical powers surrounded by Tut’s burial chamber that mapped out his journey to the next world.  

The group decided to shop after our tour and we were advised to stay away from many of the other sites that were under construction.


I was not interested in shopping, so I sat against a stone wall.  I was gazing up at the sand dunes when I heard a voice say "come".  I looked around and everyone  seemed to mysteriously disappear. Then I heard again, "Come".


Would you dare to walk up that lonely path to explore? Would you take the risk in this foreign country to listen to a voice?


Well I did. Imagine you are walking with me up this dirt path. No one was around. Not one single person.  I came upon a sign. While I cannot recall all the details, I do remember it staying it was the biggest most magnicient tomb. I believe it may have been the tomb found in 1995 of Ramses II.  I sat up against another rock and laughed.  I recalled my husband telling me 3 years prior who could not be able to co