When God Speaks...do you listen

March 26, 2017


You know how it goes right... You wish for something, you pray for it, you practice the universal laws of manifestation and you still wonder why you are stuck? Why things don't go right! Why you keep repeating patterns.


It's taken me a lifetime to truly understand the importance of listening to God.


When I was a child I 'felt' in my heart I had to serve God. I spent countless hours serving in the convent as a child. I thought I was supposed to be a nun.


I had a sense of knowing things that sometimes would frighten me or even the people in my life.  Has that happened to you?


I would have vivid dreams showing me situations and things that would happen and I often wondered what am I supposed to do with this information?


I would notice so many "coincidences" in life I often expected them to happen. Ahh Synchronicity!


God speaks to us everyday, in every way. That song that triggers a feeling or memory. That poster someone put up on Facebook that 'speaks to you"


So when you are praying for something in your life, do you remember to give thanks as if it already happened. Do you give gratitude for life in and of itself each day? Do you realize every day is an opportunity to find your purpose and listen to the signs speaking through everything that happens in your day?

Several years ago, I went to a silent yoga retreat. One of the most powerful experiences that happened for me took place in a meditation which eventually created a 'symbol', that I painted. This symbol was to become my road map!  But was I going to listen?


In all honesty...not all the time. I kept it in the back of my head. Sometimes it would be hanging on a wall. Sometimes I understood it and other times it was just a symbol. Then one day I hung it on the wall in my bedroom, so I saw it when I woke up and when I went to sleep. It kept me focused!


Then I heard God say "I've given you all your gifts, use them. I've given you purpose and a road map. I've given you a symbol to keep you focused"  WOW!

This is one of my many gifts God provided to me. I kept it a secret for a long time.  Inspirational messages were provided to me with deeper purpose and meaning. So my friend and I co -created this beautiful deck of cards.  


Soon I would hear more messages and I would deny the gift ...for a while.


I was being asked to provide Soul Purpose Readings. WHAT? I don't do readings! God said "You are right, just listen to me and know and speak the truth". So I did and now this gift is helping others know their deeper purpose.