Soul Purpose Wisdom Reading ~ The doorway to your soul

Soul Purpose Wisdom Reading ~ The doorway to your soul


Are you ready to align with your soul purpose and learn how to move through the obstacles and patterns holding you back in life?


A 75 minr consultation with me, through divine wisdom and connecting with your purpose will reveal ~ A doorway to your soul with deep and profound understand and healing

1. Your immediate energy to unblock your patterns and resistance 

2. When we apply our lessons we open to receive more and align more purposefully in life. This 2nd card reveals the next stage of your journey to open

3. Your unique soul purpose. We all come with a purpose,not a career. This shows up in many areas of life. On some level we know but we don't understand. This card will align you with your purpose, validate your feelings and support you on your journey


This 1 hour reading will enlighten you, support you, inspire you and open you.


Once you pay for your reading, I will contact you to set up a time for us to connect.


I will also send you a photo of the cards that get chosen for your reading if you do not own the Alohs Wisdom Cards.

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