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There has always been a greater purpose for you

You are being called upon now to make a decision 

How will you influence the world and create a ripple effect?

The Power with Purpose Academy

is here to teach you how to connect with your purpose, to open to spirit, to align you with your truth and to share the wisdom of the elders that has been passed on now to you
Each month you will be guided through your spiritual awakening to 
explore a new concept, a new mindset, new wisdom and a new way to contribute on your spiritual journey.

Classes will include:

Mindset Training ~ Chakra balancing ~ Developing your intuition
Meditation  & Journaling ~ Ancient Earth Wisdom from the Elders 
~Learn and apply The Universal Laws of Success~
~The art and design of manifestation~
~Harness your divine feminine energy~ Grounding~
~ Learn how to connect with your angels and guides ~
~ Create a life of gratitude and purpose ~
~ Heal your inner child  to empower yourself ~
Learn how to trust and Listen to your wisdom and opening to spirit ~ 
~ Spiritually cleanse your body and mind ~
~ Open your creative channel ~ learn how to discern positive energy forces and messages ~ 
~ Learn how to interpret your dreams ~
~ Attract what you love ~

When you learn your purpose you will be guided by spirit to see a clearer path during this human existence. You will learn how to create balance and open to the magic waiting for you to shift the planetary trajectory and contribute on a universal consciousness of healing.
All indigo, crystal and rainbow children you are needed now!
You are the children who will herald in the next phase of humanity honoring the ways of the natural world, protective of the Earth and in gentler ways illuminating ways to shift the trajectory of humanity.
Indigo's you have blazed the trails for the crystal children. You have been incarnating for 100 years. The warriors, the healers and gift of clairvoyance. Your purpose is to seek the truth!  You are the ones who deal with depression because you have fought an outdated system.
Crystals move from clear purpose as beacons of possibility and peace. Immensely connected to nature, they are creating a resurgence in living off the grid, working with crystals as tools for well being and seek healing from the alternative methods and ancient wisdom.
Rainbow children are here to bring joy and harmony. You will develop your psychic skills as you evolve and live in a collective consciousness mindset. You have a strong will, creative nature and love colors! Your purpose is to complete the steps of the Indigo and Crystal generation.

You have Power with Purpose and the time has come to Rise Up

$11.00 per month

gives you access to the spiritual guidance you seek and the wisdom to open to your greatness 

My soul has guided me here ! Let's do it! 

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