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Who should be here?

Leaders of Change, Female Entreprenuers, Moms, 
ALL women who know they are
Destined for Bigger Things because:

  •  You have reached a point in your life when you know it's time to stop
    playing small and embrace your authentic powerful potential


  •  You want to leave an impactful footprint by collaborating with others
    and sharing your gifts with the world  


  •  You have felt the inner whisper that seems to be getting louder and louder,
    that there must be more to life, a soul calling perhaps  

Are you a woman determined

to release your


Surrender to Your Powerful Authentic Self

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Are You Ready?

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Are you ready to embrace your space in this world and make a positive impact?

Is doubt or fear the number one thing limiting your potential?

Do you feel you want to inspire the next generation of women to reach their potential?

Are you ready to surrender and serve a

higher purpose?

Powerful Potential and Purpose 

Presenting a weekend of change!
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This is a call to all women who feel a calling and 

 who are ready to own their feminine power in it's full divinity.

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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
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January 25th and 26th, 2020
Location: Doubletree Hilton Hotel

4727 Concord Pike - Wilmington, Delaware

Co-Hosted by Parastudy - A Metaphysical Center


January 25, 2020

Women, It's Your Year To Stand Strong!

A full-day conference for women that will inspire your life,

add value to your future and take you to new heights!


January 26, 2020

Private healing and mentoring sessions available.

Doubletree Hilton - Wilmington, Delaware

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Highly sensitive beings and empaths  ~ deepen your awakening

and heighten your abilities

Heart-centered individuals ~ embrace your spiritual nature

and together we can globally change this world

Parents this is your calling to support the brilliance of your children through embracing their gifts too and providing the guidance to keep their light shining


Purpose & Intention

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    Our Intention is to provide sacred space through our workshops and circles

so individuals will become inspired to joyfully and freely express themselves.

Our Purpose is to support your personal growth by sharing life experiences in this safe, loving, and non-judgmental environment that can lead to monumental self-discoveries, healing and inspired action.

Through our stories, our teachings and our spiritual wisdom we reclaim our sacred and divine feminine power. 


We provide the opportunity for multi-dimensional healing.

We desire to provide inspiration so you can own your truth and your authentic self.



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Gloria Coppola, Keynote Speaker and Presenter

Visionary, Author, Spiritual Minister, Empath, Healing Arts Educator, Energy Healer and Soul Wisdom Life Coach.


A highly sensitive being who has been featured on HayHouse Radio, iHeart radio and Voice America. Traveling the world, her own Eat, Pray, Love brought her to study with shaman and kahuna who challenged her to find her purpose.

Gloria has a powerful message of taking Breakdowns to a level of Breakthrough through deep healing and faith.  The gifts of heightened awareness, soul insights has led on her a path to help others find their true soul purpose.

She has a sense of humor, heart of compassion and inspires audiences internationally.

Her presentation "Monetize your Magnificence" is surely going to raise your frequency, provide new perspective and give you the boost to embrace our powerful potential in 2020! 


Are you ready to have faith in a higher wisdom to show you the soul path?

  • Turn doubt and fear into faith

  • Participate in an consciousness raising meditation for your future

  • Learn how core values must be yours and not passed on to you ~ they could be limiting your potential

  • Find your core strength

You can learn more about her accomplishments and background at


Deborah Marino-Finley, Medium, Educator,

Certified Angel Card Reader, Ordained Minister, Healing Arts Professional, Author and Intuitive.

Deborah is a compassionate soul who loves to help people. She guides you gracefully to heal your heart through her gifts.  

She is a Medium with over 25 years of experience. and her presentation "The Healing Aspect of Mediumship" is intended to help you gain peace and insights from your loved ones.


Currently Deborah is Director of Education and owner of Dynamic Continuing Education, LLC., where she offers continued education courses in Energy Healing Modalities, and various certifying courses in Mediumistic, Psychic and Spiritual Development.


Deborah can be heard frequently on WDEL 101.7FM Saturday Mornings Hot Spot with Frank Gregory throughout the year. Her background and credentialing in her field is extensive.


Visit for more information on Deborah’s background and credentialing.


Nanette Nuvolone, Certified "Heal Your Life" Workshop Facilitator & Coach

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


Her mission to raise her own consciousness led Nanette to the philosophies of Louise Hay 10 years ago. It was her discovery of Hay's transformational book "You Can Heal Your Life" that inspired her discard old belief systems and heal aspects of her life that no longer served a positive purpose.

Nanette feels "truly blessed" to be able to inspire others along their spiritual journey to create the lives they truly desire through her workshops and one on one coaching.


How I almost willed my heart to stop beating.

In this personal account of my journey with Lyme Disease, I will share with you how the mind impacts the body so that you can learn how to harness the power of your thoughts to facilitate your own healing. Whether you are experiencing illness or are simply someone with an interest in the subject, you will find the techniques that I share today to be a valuable addition to your healing tool-box.

By understanding how your mind works, you can learn how to unlearn negative thought patterns and eliminate self-destructive behaviors and rewire your brain to help heal your mind and body.


  • The power of the spoken word to change the physiology of your body

  • How to reframe a disempowering emotional state of mind

  • Using forgiveness as a healing elixir

  • Tuning into the wisdom of your heart

  • Using affirmative prayer

Tina Picture #1.jpg

Tina Mast,  Angel Communicator, Empath, Intuitive Medium, Life and Wellness Coach

Tina is much like you: wife, mother, sister, and friend. She has a strong desire to help and serve others. Her extremely positive outlook has given her the strength to break toxic cycles and to live a happy, fulfilling life. Tina’s belief is that when we find a safe, loving place with encouraging support, true healing can begin. Her mission is to be the person she needed when she was struggling to find her way.

Tina’s strong intuition has given her a deeper awakening to her purpose in life. By sharing her story, she hopes to inspire others to embrace who they were designed to be and to live life joyfully.

Many years ago, Tina learned she was a medium and angel communicator, divine gifts which she believes were meant to be shared so that others can gain guidance and peace in messages from their angels and loved ones.
She is eternally grateful to all the beautiful people and souls God has allowed to cross her path, and for all the life experiences that have molded her into the woman she is today.
Tina has been heard on WDEL 101.7 Saturday Mornings Hot Spot with Frank Gregory.
Workshops are being scheduled for 2020, as well as angel readings and life coaching sessions.

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Angela Jones-Taul,  LPN, Licensed Massage Therapist, Author,
Church Leader and Inspirational Goddess

Angela Jones Taul is an LPN and a licensed Massage Therapist. She is the owner of Pure Touch Massage Center in Maysville, Kentucky.  An active participant in her church community, Angela leads a women’s open share and step study group for the Celebrate Recovery Ministry. Resonating with a Goddess mentality helped her find her inner beauty, light and strength. Angela has a strong desire to be an inspirational voice for girls, young ladies and women of all cultures.  Look for her debut book to be released in the Spring of 2020.

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