The Sacred Valley ~Peru

Journey to the Navel of the Planet

October  27th - November 8th ~2018

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your personal growth and tap into your 

inner wisdom and receive the blessings and healing to know your purpose and potential?

Imagine yourself sitting on a cliff at Machu Picchu, watching the condor flying above and feeling the power of the ancient ones filling you with wisdom. Breathe that powerful energy into your being!

Enter the world of Abundance ~ where everything is being created generously and within our soul. Camp under the Southern Milky way as each star bathes you in the magic universal principles of abundance.

Go home Unshakeable, without doubt that you are here for a greater purpose!
Feel a deeper connection to your purpose and path!
Learn simple healing techniques to help your friends and family!
Expand your heart to the abundance mindset of gratitude!
Participate in ancient ceremonies and healing that will enlighten and provide
clarity on your journey. 
You will gain a sense of newfound freedom, openness and generosity.
Be a steward to our planet.
Learn how to raise your awareness and develop a positive mindset.
Teach others reverence for the earth with new knowledge.
Travel with like minded individuals, safely guided by our Peruvian guides .

Arrival in Lima so that you adjust to going up into the Andes higher altitudes.  Our guide will then take us to the sacred valley, Cusco, Ollytantambo, Macchu Picchu and other sacred ruins. Our local guides will guide us with their intuition and tap into the soul level of your desires.

We rise as did the ancient ones to pay respect each day to the sun, connecting with the first sun light to celebrate our life!

Daily practices will create a gateway to wisdom.


The land, known as the four quarters will illuminate your heart and soul. Imagine trekking along the ancient trails and gaining a power that has been dormant. You will feel your spirit coming alive!

The culture is rich in music and art all weaved in their lives, fabrics and smiles.


"Always remember me", an elder high in the Andes, whispered into our hearts.

Washington Gibaja Tapia

Our English speaking Peruvian host and guide

  • Participate in several powerful Incan ceremonies

  • Explore your limiting belief system and tap into greater potential

  • Receive healing that will awaken your heart to more love

  • Release the emotions that have held you prisoner in your own mind

  • Embrace a soul inspired life through service in local communities

  • Create a mindfulness routine and follow a simple blueprint designed to create a life you love

  • Take that quantum leap to attract more of what you love

  • Have a personal 1:1 soul wisdom coaching session with Gloria and an additional BONUS integrative session when you arrive home within the first month.

  • Take home a new perspective that will help you see clearer the truth and wisdom of your soul.

I always wanted to volunteer ~ Connections to serve ! This is awesome!

Explore the mystical and magical sacred lands of the Incans
where we participate in ceremony

We will take the morning train to Aguas Caliente. After we arrive at a beautiful hotel and drop off your luggage, enjoy a nature walk to the waterfalls at Mandor. 

~ Relax ~ Breathe ~ Connect ~

 Here the shaman will teach us more about "Madre Tierra", Mother Earth as seen through the eyes of the indigenous people in this region.  


Experience a sacred ritual to connect with that earth energy, feeling rejuvenated and grounded.

We will have a group meditation and energy work teachings with Gloria. We chose this place because of the great spirit you will feel and the energy of Machu Picchu.


After delicious breakfast, we will drive to the ancient ruins of Moray, an Inca site with circular terraces which used to create exceptional conditions or micro climates that fostered domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species that were modified or adapted for human consumption.


Here our Andean master will instruct us in walking exercises and a meditation in this amazing power center.

Moray, is the temple of the Mother Earth

En route to Ollantaytambo , altitude 9,185 ft. we will visit an amazing salt flats operation, cathedrals and textile markets.

Ollantaytambo, a small town with an impressive Inca Sun temple and  beautiful Inca fortress with princess baths, pink granite temples, pyramids, etc


Our full day  at Machu Picchu starts at sunrise for the first light meditation which illuminate the walls of this sacred and magical place. 

We will gather in circle to go back to the beginning of the Incan civilization. Our local shaman will teach us to get ready for a positive change.

In this special place our heart and mind will expand its consciousness,

We celebrate your arrival in Lima, Peru with a local fare dining experience by the sea

Quaint and comfortable double occupancy accommodations throughout the sacred valley


12 blessed and lucky individuals will explore these sacred lands with us.

Together we will explore the path of the heart