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Discover the ancient healing art and wisdom of lomilomi

Lomi changed my life!

The kahuna asked me "Who are you and why are you here"? 

Lomi is more than bodywork, it's a lifestyle and a path to self discovery. It is deeper healing and will support you to find your purpose.

 It will heighten your awareness, open your heart to more                         compassion and kindness.

The hawaiian values will teach you humility and harmony.

Lomi is an all encompassing set of tools to create balance within the body. A variety of techniques and principles are taught throughout your journey.

Lomi found me and if you are here it found you too!

A unique approach to deep and profound healing.

Deep tissue does not have to hurt.

Learn how to apply these techniques with ease and grace!

Your clients will appreciate the improvement and relief w/o force.

Date and location to be announced

Payments in full is accepted via PayPal online

*Credit card accepted by contacting me directly.
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