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2018 is a master number = 11 . Symbolizing a time of great healing and service.

I believe everything is energy and look upon many ancient tools and wisdom to guide my life.

If we desire to make good choice for of our lives, move our ideals and hopes ahead, create and manifest our dreams we need to look our personal and soul purpose.


Our ideal life is not something we “find,” it is something we “create.”  We have the choice to bring forth the growth and energy we desire in all situations. The ancient ones knew this and now it's your time to raise your

frequency and align it divinely.


In business or our persona life, plans help guide us and purpose leads us so that we create the life we want to live. 

 Here are three steps to building your greatness.

1. Imagine what you desire.

Use your most vivid imagination possible.

Hold the image in your minds eye so the you are drawn to it. Write it down.

Be bold. Be creative! See how you are contributing to whatever success you imagine.

2. Use your common sense. Don’t try to shove round pegs in square holes. If you want to be an artist—start acting like an artist! You’ve got to start doing what you want to do. Take a chance! Believe in yourself.

3. Put on your Super Suit. Greatness takes faith, courage and the ability to ignore ignorance, neglect, negativity and disrespect from others regarding your ideas. Believe that whatever it is you want to do will benefit not just yourself but others, also. IF you think this sounds grandiose, remember: Because you are working to fulfill your dreams, you will change others simply because you'll be more pleasant to be around.

          Even a moderate dose of all of the above will set you on a new journey.  When we purely chase pleasure, we won’t necessarily win. When we live to make ourselves greater…every day we push forward is another win.


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