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"Only from the heart can you touch the sky" - Rumi

Are you ready to stop the self~sabotaging patterns and remove your limited beliefs?


Are you finally ready to attract more of what you love and live your truth and feel more connected with the source of divine energy? 

Stressed Woman


Anxious? Scared?

Excuses coming up?

Are you hitting roadblocks?

Does doubt stop you in your tracks?

Do you get depressed over life?

Has your linear, ego driven mind been unsuccessfully controlling the outcome

of your life?


Do you dream of something better in life? 

Confused what to do next?

It's hard to find the light sometimes in this seemingly challenging world

Imagine having a road map, a personal blueprint that would help you see things clearer for your life? Like a GPS showing you God's Plan for your Success.

Imagine opening to new possibilities..

right around that corner!

What IF you could release and surrender anxiety and fear about your future? 

What IF you had someone who saw "YOU" for your gifts?

How would this feel?

Are you ready to say YES?

I will provide you insight to how to look at your current situation with new perspective.

Provide new direction

Show you possibilities

Encourage you to say YES to your LIFE

Gain Confidence

A whole new world is waiting for you to elevate your spiritual awakening

Click below for a Free 30 min Surrender Session

Take the wheel

A shift in your perspective can change your direction!

My biggest AHA moment was accepting who I was, where I was and what I was…. Truly loving the magnificence of me… I didn’t have to strive for the elusive perfectionism….. I am perfect at this moment.
The support, validation, motivation I received was more than I expected. Not only did I get stretched by Gloria, I was stretch and challenged by those in the Master mind group.
All I had to do was reach out and ask. ~ A.J.

I Am so ready to walk a new path

The Journey between who you once were and who you are now

becoming is where the dance of life takes place.

Gloria Coppola,Life and soul wisdom coach, Intuitive & Author

"Gloria ... is the most credible guide and coach for healing your negativity and turning your assets and attributes into moving parts in the process of creating the life you want. Her 'You Were Born to Love' 12-week course is the best thing that's happened to me in a long while."
-Y. Fleming

The keys are waiting for you 

Breakdown to Breakthrough!

Direction ~ Steps to keep you in action

Clarity ~ Clear & specific vision

Purpose ~ Core Values

Courage ~ Gain Faith

Success  ~  Personally & Professionally

Support ~ People who uplift you

Inspiration ~ Daily motivation

Resources ~ Guidance, tips and tools

Empowerment ~ Honoring your gifts!

Someone who believes in your potential

Accountability ~ Keeps you on task 

Affordability ~ Making it possible!

Impact ~ Make a difference in the world

Breakthrough ~ Be Unstoppable

Now it's your turn ~ Go from linear conditioning in  life to a

soul driven path


    Soul Alchemy Coaching

Personal Coaching

Do you need a breakthrough Session?

Perhaps you are stuck or need a new perception with a project you are working on currently?

Schedule a 75 min. Break Through Coaching Session $ 150.00

Let's get to work! Get Clear! Remove the block and get on your path!

"The journey of life and inner development is all about learning to take charge of the power of our own choices. Each of us must eventually step into the power of our own spirit and our capacity to co-create the events of our life because no one else but us is responsible for the quality of our health, happiness, relationships, thoughts, and inner well being.


The purpose of life itself is a path of learning to experience the power of our choices. Nothing is as exquisite as that feeling of wholeness that comes from healthy self-esteem and personal empowerment and few things are as painful as the loss of personal power through acts of self-betrayal. We learn through the power of our choices and living their consequences. As we become more empowered, so do our personal choices."

-Caroline Myss

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