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Tandem Skydive

Empowered Empaths

Week 2

Week 2 - Lesson 1

Who is ready to SOAR?

Lesson 1 - Week 2

Let's level it up and S.O.A.R.

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Lesson 2- Week 2

I got so excited sharing I made a blooper. Will you catch it? Will you be aware of it?

Get ready for some self evaluation that leads you to greater things!

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Week 3 Assignment

This week is about application! 

What we learn only works when we apply it to life.

1. Continue to meditate with your grounding exercises

2. Feel your feet hit the ground each morning. Rock back and forth. From the ball of your foot to the heel. Notice your balance. What do you need to do to bring your body into better alignment? Notice how the movement shifts.

3. This week you will become the earth! What does that mean?

Each day practice feeling the earth

Notice your own earth energy

Your body/physical being relates to the earth. Your structure. Your foundation.

Ask yourself What else CAN I do to connect my physical being with the earth energy. The grounding force of life.

Notice when you go out of balance. What threw you off?  What CAN you do to realign quickly?

4. Keep a journal of your activities.  Notice how you support yourself daily. Notice what shifts when you pay more attention to your physical needs. What grounding methods are helping you most frequently?

5. Share in our FB group at the end of the week what you noticed about the energy you brought into your life? 


Movement -Dance, Yoga, Walking all help you connect with your body.

Foods - consciously eat. Chew your food. Notice which ones ground you more.

Music - drumming for example can ground you. Pick some music that feels more connected with your physical body vs the etheric body this week.


Put attention on YOU this week. That's right.

How much time each day will you schedule to support yourself? Increase it a little each day.

Do something special for yourself!  Book a massage or foot reflexology session. Even a Pedicure gets your grounded into your body.

Focus on your physical being more this week!


Use your tools and resources in a difficult situation this week vs reacting.

1. With someone you know

2. With a complete stranger


Challenge yourself to be kinder to yourself

Ask for help

Be in the present moment

Take 1 challenging situation/relationship in life and walk away from it.

Tune into your physical body - what do you notice?

Tune into your emotional body - how do you feel?

Engage in FB and share some insights!

Stay connected with people that support you!

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