Delicious and nutritious for the soul

A sensory experience to awaken your creative passion and attract more of what you love in life

September 15-29, 2017

 Do you long for a deep infusion and a sensory experience that awakens your creative passion?

Are you ready to release your fears and doubt and take a new direction that fulfills that

longing to be something greater than you've imagined?

Are your ready to feel happy, vibrant and in love with life again?

Are you tired of the old patterns that keep you in that never ending cycle of

self sabotage and frustration?

Let's unleash the emotional effects of your past and create a dazzling new future for yourself!

Is this you?

I dream a lot! My life has had so many ups and downs I am ready to engage in a passionate life! I am ready to release that self doubt and tap into my inner strength to find my true voice. I'm so tired of not knowing what I want or how I can feel less anxiety. It's strange, I don't even know who I am.


I feel like life is passing me by and I need to explore more! I long for experiences, not just vacations. I can see myself trying new things, maybe taking some cooking classes, art classes, swimming in waterfalls, hiking in beautiful places, volunteering to help others in foreign lands. I want my heart to sing with joy!

I crave walking back in time to a place that is passionate about love, stroll along a promenade and sip my cappuccino. I want to meet new people and experience new things. I've taken care of so many and now it's my turn to nurture myself. I feel it would change my entire perspective on how I continue living. I am fed up and tired of my same old story.

I desire to get my mojo back; I am ready to open my senses, live more purposefully, and find my passion! 


Wake up to a beautiful setting along Amalfi Coast that will embrace your
heart in a rich history of love and passion!
You did it!
This is the perfect environment to feel pampered, valued, and rejuvenated.
You will transform during this experience tapping into your powerful and
passionate truth-sayer!
You will be inspired and nourished by ideas that will make your creative juices come alive; even the ones you didn't know you had!
Watch out she comes!
Breathtaking views bring a sparkle to your eyes as you whip out that camera to capture the inspiration found in a glorious sunrise. 
This retreat is designed to nourish female travelers. We will make you feel cared for and valued while providing you a new perception of your gifts and talents.
Strolling along the ancient streets and promenades  will take you back in time,
maybe even to a home in your heart.
You will have a wonderful community of support as we immerse in a culture of love. 

Nutrition for your soul will be weaved through our days, ensuring that by the end of this retreat you will be enthusiastic about a new life, purpose, and direction. You will have fun and bring joy into your life! 

The sparkling Mediterranean Sea is the backdrop for the first part of our journey. Discover the magnificence and exquisite beauty of Salerno, Ravello, Positano, and Capri. We'll visit fascinating ancient ruins, enjoy cooking classes, and you will have time to shop for artisan treasures. We'll toast with robust local wine, and enjoy delicious, world-famous cuisine.

Your creativity will be like a fountain of joy overflowing; you will be ready to tap into parts of your self that have been dormant, perhaps for decades. I will guide you through a process to honor your intuitive senses with simple techniques, through creative expression and play. Those long forgotten gifts will be screaming to say "Yes, I want more!"

A delightful drive across the rolling hills of the countryside will take us to the Florence of the South, rich in history from the Greek culture and beautiful stone craftsmanship

Your delightful and comfortable home for a few days will be at a local masseria where you will be nestled in support and nurtured while you soothe your soul, relax, and have some time to focus on you. A masseria is a fortified farm house or country house on a country estate found in the region of Puglia, set in working farms producing olive oil, wine, or produce. Weather permitting you will have the opportunity to harvest olives or grapes on a farm.

This will be a great opportunity to use the Italian you have been learning from your lessons.



Are you ready to dive into a very special evening of elegance at a world class grotto restaurant? The deliciousness continues!

A divine evening awaits you where your gifts will be honored and you will feel like a goddess.  Get ready to show the world you got your mojo back and enjoy celebrating with all the like-minded friends we made on this amazing journey together. You are confident and know you are deserving of La Dolce Vita-the good life.

Let's get real! I learned a long time ago: 

feed the body, nourish the soul.

You'll be enticed with an array of delectables beginning with our welcome gathering.

Your culinary genius will awaken in cooking classes! Watch that creativity come alive with mouth watering meals we create and enjoy eating together. 

Expert chefs will be sharing their secrets and making it fun!  Let's break bread together!

I am already here in my mind


  • Now that you are clear about your future you are ready to take the steps from scared girl to empowered woman into your future.

  • You will have confidence to know who you are, how to honor your gifts, and embrace the change you desire.

  • Your new plan for the next phase of your life, and the guidance you have received has you believing in yourself.

  • You are open to the magic that is about to unfold in your life by trusting your intuition and being in partnership with your spirit. You are ready to attract more of what you love.

  • The professional coaching and guidance supported you through the process of removing doubt and claiming your life. All this while you had fun!

Drift off into pure bliss and serenity  ~ you deserve it

Indulge in a luxurious spa treatment when you feel like you need some alone time.

Nurture those feet after we hike along the Path of the gods and allow the skilled healing hands nurture your cells into bliss. You deserve it.

Breathe in those aromatic oils and drift away while you imagine creating and attracting a life you love.

Enjoy walks on the beach and journaling time when you just desire some quiet time to nurture  yourself.

All I need is cappuccino to say "Yes!"

What's Included

  • 14 nights - All double occupancy accommodations are included

    • 4 star hotels. Masseria/farm house B&B and 2 nights at an Italian family hosted hostel.​

  • Most meals. You will have the opportunity to explore local cafes during free time.

    • Gratuities and alcoholic beverages not included

  • Minibus transportation for the duration of your stay and an airport shuttle in Naples

  • Professional English speaking Tour Guide

  • Academy de Leonardo classes in Salerno: Italian lessons, cooking, and pottery classes.

  • Entry tickets and fees for boat excursions and other historical sites. 

  • Hike to the Path of the Gods

  • Limoncello and mozzarella tour

  • Special Extravaganza elegant dinner at a world famous Grotto Restaurant

  • Personal coaching and guidance by your host to enhance your life experience

  • Value priced at $5895.00 US/pp 

  • Special Bonus gift: Photography shoot

  •  Personal Soul Purpose guidance session with Gloria Coppola


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