March 20, 2017

You're thinking... day in and day out

What if?

What if I took a chance to do something different? To make a change in the way I act,  dress, think?

What if I tried something totally new for me without any fear and just decided to go for it?

NAH, I'm good here, hiding behin...

March 6, 2017

"I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body" ~ Dele Olanubi

Have you ever felt this way? Do you desire to live more fully? Are you tired of being quiet and now speaking your truth more frequently? Are you understanding the value of your voice? You...

February 18, 2017

I give gratitude every morning I wake up and every evening I rest my head. I started this practice so many years ago, I truly don't know how long it has been. What I do know is that it has helped me focus on the good life. 

Sure life has it's ups and downs, challenges a...