Southern Italy

VIP Retreat

Oct., 15-23, 2020

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You and only you are the author of your life!

A creative writing adventure to connect with your voice.

Do you desire to write a new chapter in your life, expand your imagination, listen to your intuition, perhaps publish a book?

Then join me where you will discover a world of inspiration on this creative writing retreat in Italy.

Create an exciting new next chapter in your life!

Imagine  strolling down the stone paved corridor at this beautiful Masseria on the Southern Italian Peninsula, known as the "Boot"

You are ready to explore a new day and

chapter in your life.

You feel ready to tell your story to inspire others.

No more thinking small!

Perhaps you want to speak on stage one day?

Ready to 'kick it' in life but maybe

lacking confidence?

You are afraid to write for fear it's not good enough.

Let's focus on what you will experience!

The rest will flow.

It's magical stepping outside of your life for a moment and opening to new possiblities

You are literally feeling younger,

thinking more expansively and 

already feeling inspired for the future.

Relax, rest and focus on the experience of stepping back in time, being nurtured and supported.

You are excited to meet me for lunch

at a local cafe for pizza to share your insights.

You had no idea when you said YES that your soul was ready for so much more!

Your enthusiam is bubbling over, spicy hot as your thoughts are drooling through your mind.


You had no idea how fun this could be!

Life is about to take you in a new direction!

It's what you have been hoping for and more!


You are dreaming of 

 Feeling ecstatic about a new journey

 Falling in love with life

 Learning a new language

 Having a romance with your soul

 Meeting new people

 Tasting new foods

 Being fully present in a new culture

 Breathing deeply into the arts  

  Exploring with new eyes

Capturing memories that last a lifetime

Learning about yourself and your potential

Imagine finding the heart of your creativity 

as we step back into the 16th century 

This luxury retreat offers guidance, support, fantastic food,

cozy nooks to journal and a powerful creative

community of support.

A journey that expands your imagination ~ enlivens your vision and creates a bigger dream

Ahh, the giggles are contagious as the fresh mozzarella oozes down your weaved Italian scarf. Unable to stop it from flowing, we laugh.

Not a worry in the world, just an imagination flowing with ideas as you swirl your glass of wine. You ponder a thought for a moment, as I observe a passion ready to emerge.

Pizza! Wine! Love!

"That's it", you scream as I confusedly wait for you to utter your next insight!

Life is full of flavors,

I see it as an analogy of emotions

and things we love even if they burn us sometimes!

The mozzarella was just my teacher!

I can enjoy what I love! 

I can relish on the sweet sips of grapes, like juicy kisses that touch my lips from different parts of the world!

I can share my experience to inspire others!


When I invest into my life, I find my passion!

My Promise to You

You will experience your life through a delicious journey that captures your heart and soul in a magical way.

 I guarantee you will be writing your memoirs or experiences from a world of pleasure, romance and deeper purpose. I will be supporting you, coaching you and helping you gain the confidence to complete a new chapter of your life.

It will prompt future adventures, insights and gifts you bring to the world.

I promise this VIP investment will enhance your life in ways you have never imagined.

Perhaps you will even write a best selling book!

Calling all dreamers who want to be the author of their own story!

Italy is the place to romance your words.

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Life is like a Ferris Wheel

Bari, Italy

I just knew this was the right place for all of us to convene. It will be a ride of our lifetime. 

Do you feel like life is going round and round?

  • Scary

  • Exciting

  • Wondering how long you will be at the top

  • Who will get off next

  • When is your turn

  • How long will it take to move

  • Grab your ticket and come on the ride with us!

Remove the obstacle of fear or doubt

With genuine support, lots of fun and caring individuals, you will quickly dive into a creative process through this specially designed writer's retreat.You become your own author in life.

Supporting and inspiring each other with our dreams

It will be like sitting around with a group of your besties, sipping your morning coffee, casually gazing over to see the potential in someone else, even if you don't see in yourself!



Experience an authentic Masseria

An authentic taste of Puglia’s rich land and the delicious pleasures of the Adriatic Sea await you.


Il Melograno is renowned throughout Italy as the first masseria to open its doors to guests and reveal 400 years of history. This country estate outside Monopoli is a place of simple beauty, echoing with past lives of noblemen and farmworkers.

Inspired by the traditions of holistic wellbeing 

guests are invited to take time to relax entirely, slowing to the rhythms of nature surrounding our estate.

Every detail has been taken care of by our expert travel advisor

Welcome Dinner

Let's celebrate your future success

Family style, which is Italian Style we break bread, we toast our journey, we give gratitude for our life and we celebrate the future together.

Our private guide will get us all comfy and cozy. We will have some time to relax from our journey before our intimate group comes together to share their excitement and dreams.



There is an air of old world charm

that exists in this region with baroque style buildings, charming white hill towns and buildings, caves and an impressive and bold coastline.

Enjoy an evening stroll

The charming towns come back to life after 5pm, store, restaurants and galleries are open, local cafe with music, moonlit nights with star gazing back at you.

Magical inspiration

This is when the whispers from spirit bring your attention to and old world charm, the lifestyle of local families, a remembrance of a time when things were slower,  more relaxed filled with laugher, music and fun.









I learned a long time ago: 

feed the body, nourish the soul.

Breathe in the mouth-watering aromas floating from the numerous restaurants, coffee bars, bakeries, and farmers’ markets.

You'll be enticed by an array of delectable treats throughout th journey- beginning with our welcome gathering when you arrive.

Awaken your culinary genius with cooking classes! Expert chefs will share their secrets and teach us to make cooking fun. Let the creativity come alive as we create mouth-watering meals and enjoy them together. 


Farm to table cooking class

You will be treated to an authentic cooking class.

Your first Treat!

Prior to the class you will visit an authentic masseria and learn about the history and architecture. The rooms date back to the 16th century. A masseria is a "fortified" farmhouse that has been renovated into a comfortable, simply elegant space for guests.

Followed by a 3 hour cooking class.

The entire philosophy of our cooking  is centered around local foods and native culinary traditions.


Our chefs believe that part of being healthy and well is eating fresh local foods made with love. Meet the native Puglians who cook with love and preserve the traditions of their ancestors.

You will learn authentic recipes and techniques of the past and appreciate the authentic aromas, flavors and wholeness of  local tradition.

Lunch time treat at the Masseria after your cooking class

Enjoy local antipasti, main entree, dessert and beverage.

Optional Dining Treat

Divine Elegance



Do you have a bucketlist? I do and this is it! A bit pricey I've heard but an elegant fantasy to write home about.

Are you ready to dive into a very special evening of elegance at a world class grotto restaurant? This is optional,

however you only live once. Just do it! 

Imagine this back drop serving as a chapter in your next book.

A divine evening awaits us, as the waves crash along the limestone walls, the pink skies creating a magical hue through the ripples of the water.  

It's a surreal feeling!

You want to pinch yourself. Thinking to yourself, am I really sitting here in this one moment of time, having a lifetime experience that I did not even imagine. I realize that saying Yes was the easiest thing to do. I have been shown more about myself and living adventurously and creatively. Who knew? I guess our host did.


There are always beautiful places to see in Italy 
Southern Italy is known as the "Florence of the South"

Sometimes referred to as the 'breadbasket' of Italy

Puglia, historically produced much of Italy's pasta, and today it still produces over half of its olive oil. Increasingly, it is also becoming known for its rich fruity red wines, particularly those from its Salento region.

The Puglian wine and olive oil tradition dates back from the pre-roman times: several important latin writers described this area as one of the most renowned ones in the Roman Empire in terms of wine and food.

Olive Oil  - Liquid Green Gold - visit a farm in Lecce and learn the process of making olive oil. 

Masseria Amastuola

The first existing document in which the Masseria is mentioned in the inventory as the properties of Giovanni Antonio Orsini, prince of Taranto, written in the first half of the 15th century.

In this document, the farm is listed among the assets of the Italo-Greek Abbey of San Vito del Pizzo in Taranto. In the 16th century, the farm was granted in emphyteusis who then sold to the nobleman Giovanni Ferrandino, who had it enlarged; in addition to acquiring the surrounding state-owned lands. In 1652, Giovan Vincenzo Ferrandino sold it for 2,000 ducats to the clergyman of Taranto Andrea D’Afflitto.

Masseria Amastuola houses an elegant wine hotel, a barrel cellar, a bookshop and a restaurant with a terrace.

Tour and wine tasting 

Our private guide will provide transportation and a tour of the local region.

Let your imagination soar


Benefits of a writing retreat

  • Dream bigger in your own life

  • Tap into your intuition to guide your life clearer

  • Complete a chapter in a book you may decide to publish one day

  • Surprise yourself - you are more gifted than you realized

  • See the world with new eyes

  • Gain inspiration you were not searching for - or at least you didn't start out that way

  • Begin a new chapter in life, more excited about the destination.

The practice of writing is an exploration of consciousness, a practice toward deeper self-awareness which moves us along the path of awakening to our true nature.

Many of our greatest spiritual teachers from around the world were, and are, writers. From Sappho in the 7th century BCE to Pema Chödrön, from Rumi in the 13th century to Thomas Merton, Jack Kornfield, and the Dalai Lama—the written word has the power not only to inspire, but also to awaken the very best in the human heart.

Creative Path to expression

Our time together will include dynamic meditations, innovative writing exercises, and fun movement experiences, all designed to open you up to your true creative nature!

In this extraordinary workshop, you will experience

  • Time to write and to explore a deeper level of personal creativity! 1 hour each day together along with quiet time to journal.

  • Creative wisdom, insight, peace of mind and heart.

  • Meaningful connection and support in a creative community.

  • Creative writing exercises through every experience we enjoy in Southern Italy.

  • Complete your first chapter of your book. Receive guidance, edits and insights. 1:1 writing coaching with Gloria Coppola, author and #1 best selling author and publisher.


Yes, I will buy you a cappuccino!

  • Lodging: 8 nights double occupancy accommodations in 2 beautiful masseria starting in Monopoli and 5 star hotel in Lecce (Single upgrade may be available upon request ~ $1995)

  •  Meals: Daily breakfast, seasonal fruits, local pastries, your favorite beverages at each masseria

  • 4 lunches and 2 dinners

  • All ground transportation and a private English Speaking guide with us the entire time.

  • Daily creative journaling exercises

  • Fun cooking class,  olive oil making and wine tasting

  • Cheese making class - Mozzarella and  Burrata. 

    • The experience - Learn how to make burrata and mozzarella in Masseria taking you to the heart of one of the symbols of Puglia; an ancient farmhouse (Masseria). You will discover, together with a guide, a typical Apulian farmhouse where the craft activities took place inside its ancient walls.

  • Plenty of time to relax, stroll around yourself and shop or enjoy the spa

  • Creative writing coaching and journaling

  • Community: Fabulous relationship building, brainstorming ideas and lots fun and laughter.

  • TOURS:

  • Private guided tour and Leisure time in Polignano a Mare where you can relax along the beautiful coastline, take pictures and visit places of your choice.

  • Private guided tour of UNESCO Trulli di Alberobello. Visit a cheese farm and learn how they make mozzarella and burrata.

  • Private guided tour of Ostuni in the morning followed with leisure time after lunchtime.
    Visit an olive oil farm in the early afternoon and drive to Lecce.

  • Private tour guide in Lecce for a 2 hours walking tour with entry tickets to the Basilica and Cathedral included.

  • Private guided walking tour of Gallipoli in the morning and free time at lunchtime. In the afternoon writing guidance.

  • Winery tour and wine tasting will be arranged at the Masseria Amastuola and pottery factory tour.

  • Airport transfers from Bari and to Brindisi airport.

  • A detailed itinerary with historical facts.

  • Learn a little Italian along the way with us.

  • Entry fees

  • Our personal travel concierge to handle all your registration and travel arrangements.

  • Welcome Dinner

    • A lovely welcome gathering and a special gift  as we embark upon our  creative and fun journey together ​​

Your VIP package with writing coaching all for only $4190.

Pay in full option and save $200.00

What's not included

  • Your round trip airfare from home to Italy

  • Any wine or adult beverages you purchase

  • Gratuities for driver, tour guide, waitors etc.

  • Souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra events and services at spa, etc.

  • Some meals are not included. Refer to itinerary.

  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance

  • Private additional writing consultation with Gloria @ $150/hr. We can focus on areas that you desire to improve with your creative writing process.

  • Any extra activities you choose to do in your free time - transportation is not included

  • Extended travel time.

  • Please NOTE: no recreational drugs are allowed and we ask that you limit your consumption of alcohol so everyone can experience a delightful excursion. Thank you.

Free time

Journal Time

Find your little nook to let your imagination take you on a journey. 

Relaxation Time

Schedule yourself a spa treatment

Pool Time

Enjoy an evening swim under the stars.

Time to stroll

Enjoy the lovely grounds of our masseria, find a tree and take a nap.

Venue      Cuisine       Activities      What's Included      Travel Information      Host       Writing Benefits     
Drift off into pure bliss and serenity  ~ you deserve it

Take advantage of unscheduled time to indulge in a luxurious spa treatment.


Enjoy a walk on the beach or journaling time for some quiet personal reflection.

You will have time to shop, if you desire, rest, dream and relax.

You deserve it.



Aleš Struna

Director of Travel

Journeys of the Spirit® - Luxury Travel

Tel : 1 866-866-5566


Book your arrival flight to land in Italy at the Bari airport  and depart from Brindisi airport. Our travel concierge will handle all your details so you arrive with our group and provide ground transportation to and from both airports.


To avoid confusion, please schedule your travel arrangements with Ales Struna. 

Airline tickets have to be paid in full at the time of the reservation. 

Our own private  shuttle and English speaking guide will take us to our masseria, where we will stay for the first few evenings before we head out to another lovely location.

You will receive any additional necessary information upon completing your Registration.  As with all international travel, it is recommended you purchase travel insurance. 

 Please scroll down to read the cancellation policy.

Feel free to contact me for details on the writing workshop

Let's chat!

Go get your passport!

Get ready to practice Italian in a land of passion! 

We'll have fun each step of the way.

You'll enjoy experiencing the culture from many perspectives !

We are excited to welcome and guide you to bring more love into your life

Gloria Blue top.jpg

Congratulations on making the decision to say YES.

I am Ales Struna the director of travel for Journeys, your way. I will be handling all your travel arrangements and providing you all the details for your amazing trip with

Gloria Coppola.

Please contact me at 1 866-866-5566

Packing List

My motto: "travel light"

  • A small to medium size suitcase that rolls

    • Avoid heavier, larger suitcases. You won't be happy, trust me​

  • Casual, comfortable clothing

  • Bathing suit

  • Elegant wear for dinner at the grotto (or go shopping for that special outfit in Italy!)

  • Personal hygiene needs

  • Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers

  • Ear plugs, just in case you need them

  • An extra 'small' carry on backpack or tote for your souvenirs

  • Vitamins and/or daily medications

  • A travel journal, camera, and extra batteries

  • An open heart and open mind

You will receive a complete check list once you are registered and paid to make travel easier.


"Traveling with Gloria is always an inspiring and magnificent journey.
She is a truly gifted retreat leader. Her passion for travel and for
guiding and coaching people shine through like a brilliant sun in all
that she does. Unique, beautiful places that are out of the way and
not commonly visited is one of the signature pieces of any retreat or
travel journey, along with
deeply meaningful, spiritual,
energetic havens of peace and power. Gloria's retreats are deep
healing for body, mind and soul, inspiring creativity, igniting
passion and awakening purpose in those who attend. I have traveled
with Gloria many times now, and each time is better thanthe last." ~CLT

"I have owned and operated a retreat center on the Sunshine Coast of BC for over a decade. I have rarely come across a facilitator so powerfully graceful, inviting everyone's mastery to come out and be seen and celebrated.  Gloria has a special way of embodying the compassion, kindness, strength and respect in whatever she shares. You have just discovered the pot of gold!" J. Field

"Gloria is compassionate and is full of wisdom. She will help you explore a deeper part of yourself and consider new ways in which to become the author of your own life. Gloria is the ultimate spirit guide" L. K.

Buy me that cappuccino - I'm registering now

Gloria Coppola


I have a love affair with Italy!

I'm so passionate, well I am Italian! I love helping others enhance their life and reach their full potential as well as their dreams! 


It would be my pleasure to guide you on this delicious Soul FULL journey to become the author of your own life.


I've been a transformational soul purpose coach for nearly 30 years, and hosting retreats for 14 years! Travel has provided me so much clarity in life: helping me grow and lifting the veil of illusion.

Visiting Italy at the age of 17 provided me the opportunity to shift my perception of reality. This was when I realized that I had to explore more! I gained such an appreciation for my adventurous side: I realized I had courage, and I even jumped off a moving train while a young man proposed to me in Italian. I sometimes wonder where this adventure could have led me had I stayed on that train in Florence a long time ago.


I returned to Italy with my cousin a few years ago, and together we grew, we laughed, and we learned to enjoy life in the moment. Cooking classes were a highlight of our trip: we created delicious food and nurtured our souls in the process. Finding some distant cousins who welcomed us into their lives with opens arms made us feel home. Last year I explored another region and found out I have a love affair with Italy.

Oh, I stretched her comfort zone and put her in a hot air balloon and she never regretted it after her experience.


I found Joy in this culture and it lifted my depression many years ago ~ because who could be sad when you attract what you love and write your own chapter in life ~ maybe even a book? I did!

Happy travelers!.jpg

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $750 USD  non refundable deposit.
Airline tickets have to be paid in full at time of the reservation. We highly encouarge you to secure travel insurance.
You must have a valid passport or visa.
Cancellations made up to July 31, 2020 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price, while any cancellations made thereafter will result in a total loss of funds.  There are no land refunds for partial travel.
We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it does not meet the minimum number of participants; however,
if we do so your deposit and all other payments will be refunded in full.
We reserve the right to change venues if some unforeseen circumstance requires us to do so.
We will be sure it's an equivalent or better venue.
Journey's of the Spirit only acts as a luxury travel agent securing hotels, transportation and  and other travel services and will not be held liable for any personal injury, property loss, damages or incidences arising out of this tour.
 Furthermore, Journeys of the Spirit Luxury Travel and employees are not responsible for inclement weather, political acts, or any "acts of God" or the shortening of a trip due to these occurrences.  Nor are they responsible for airline or ground operator defaults or repayment of monies lost due to default. Nor are they responsible for lost luggage. Flight schedules and accommodations are subject to change at any time, though such changes are not anticipated.
No refunds will be made for changes beyond the control of Journeys of the Spirit Luxury Travel or
SoulCations retreats hosted by Gloria Coppola.
Trip cancellation insurance is always required whenever making travel plans.
You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.
Ales Struna, Custom Travel Specialist – Journeys of the Spirit ® Luxury Travel -

Your Extra Bonus

Keep the inspiration going!

Each participant will receive a free copy of the #1 best seller published through my company Powerful Potential

and Purpose Publishing. Each courageous woman tapped into greater potential and insights despite their tragedies, challenges and rough bumps in life. They became the author of their own life! They each got their inspiration to write from their emotional place with the coaching they received. It helped them express their authentic voice.